There is nothing like Taiko drumming to help young people come out of themselves. Taiko will encourage them to be confident, work as a team, engage them in a physical and musical activity, and provide a fascinating gateway into the culture of Japan. Taiko is accessible to all, regardless of musical or physical ability, and affords the young people a great release with big drums and big sticks! See below for an account of a day we spent with a group of sixth formers…


We visited Claremont Fan Court School in Esher for some Taiko workshops as part of the sixth form induction day for autumn term.

Alexis Alfonso, head of music enthused, “Music is that international language that goes beyond colour, race and gender. It glues the world together.”

Emma Wells, head of sixth form added, “The benefits of the Taiko drumming in particular is that it allows them to just let themselves go get rid of all the tension and the worry about coming back to school.”

Emma went on to praise the pupils after their final performance – the finale of each of our school workshops. “That was amazing! And the difference between you at the beginning and what you’ve just done now is astounding. You should feel really really proud. That was so good. Thank you to Mark from Taiko Meantime”.

It’s a challenge putting together that piece but it’s amazing”, she added afterwards. “And then they left here beaming and feeling that sense of satisfaction of having achieved something really difficult.”

They’ve all come away feeling as if it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable and thoroughly worthwhile activity and so I couldn’t recommend it more. I’d like to thank Taiko Meantime very much for coming to the school and I’m sure although this is the second occasion it will be the one of many many more in the future where we’ll be putting different year groups through this wonderful experience.”

So, we hope we’ll return to Claremont soon! Well done to all of the pupils who took part. I hope the Taiko has helped to energize them for the year ahead. Thank you to Claremont for having Taiko Meantime to teach Taiko!