Taiko Meantime at Greenwich Theatre, 1st Nov 2007.

Excerpts from Miyake, Cloud 5, and Iwai Uchi.

Notes on the pieces:

Miyake is a traditional piece from the Japanese volcanic Island of Miyake jima. The movements in this piece mimic the actions of fishermen pulling in their nets.

Cloud 5 is an original piece using brass hand cymbals, the 'Chappa'. The piece is inspired by the intricate chappa work of Kodo and Yamato. The cymbals are a modern derivative of traditional Japanese cymbals. They were designed by Kodo's Ryutaro Kaneko.

Iwai Uchi (Celebration Drumming) is an original piece. It finishes with the fast and furious katsugi style on the okedo drums hung from the shoulder. This style of drumming originated in Korea.