10th International Taiko Summer School 2018 - (adults)

Yoko-Uchi (side) and Chappa (hand cymbals)

***For improvers in Taiko or brave beginners with a strong musical background!!!***

6th to 9th Aug 2018, Farnham, Surrey

We are very pleased to announce that our 10th Summer School will take place once again at Frensham Heights in the beautiful countryside near Farnham, Surrey. This intensive four-day course is for anyone who has attended any Taiko courses or workshops in the past or brave beginners who are fit and have a strong musical background. The aims of the course will be to:

  • PRACTICE: reinforce basic Taiko technique
  • STRENGTHEN: exercise to help your playing and overall fitness
  • "BE THE RHYTHM": increase fluency with the relationship between music and movement
  • PERFORM: work towards a public performance on the penultimate night of the course

This year, we're going all 'Yoko' with the fun, flowing and beautiful Yoko-uchi style. We'll be imparting some of the techniques learned from the great Chieko Kojima (having toured with her in 2015 and 2016), and also of Mark's teachers Tennon Daiko in Wakayama-ken, Japan. You'll also get fit, analyse your performance on video, and have a great opportunity to perform in a mini public concert with Taiko Meantime!

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This year, your tutors will be Mark and Jack from Taiko Meantime. Both have great skills in performing and teaching and realy look forward to welcome you!

What you'll need:

  • Running shoes: for those who are able, we'll be doing some gentle running in the mornings to warm up;
  • Sports clothing appropriate for Taiko (tabi boots are good but not essential);
  • Your own earplugs (if you need them);
  • Bags of energy!

The course

Cost: 295GBP.

Course content:

  • We'll start each day with some gentle running and stretching;
  • Taiko stance and basic form for yoko-uchi;
  • Ji-Uchi (base-rhythm) technique;
  • Movement and an understanding of the relationship between rhythm and movement;
  • Solo technique;
  • Bring a piece alive with performance skills;
  • Watching own performance with use of video;
  • Basic Chappa technique and soloing.

Maximum 16 places.

Typical course structure:

  • Day 1: 10:30 - 17:00 Yoko-uchi technique basics, application of technique into rhythms;
  • Day 2: 09:30 - 17:00 Chappa untroduction. More yoko-uchi rhythmws and construction of a performance piece;
  • Day 3: 09:30 - 17:00 Video review, performance piece practice. Evening performance.
  • Day 4: 10:30 - 16:00 A day reviewing the performance and the week's learnings, and touching on other styles.


Aldridge theatre, Frensham Heights School, Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4EA. Nearest train station: Farnham (3 miles).

Accommodation and Meals

There are many hotels and B&Bs in Frensham, Rowledge and Farnham, all within a few miles of Frensham Heights. Camping onsite is also available, with use of the sport centre showers. Whether you are staying on or off site, you can take advantage of 3 good buffet-style meals per day provided on site at 10 each.

What previous Summer School participants have said:

"Amazingly calm, patient & inspirational tuition, with great demonstrations & words of encouragement that enabled me to understand more about how to achieve the desired result."

"Your persistence on speed, precision and playing as a team helped us to improve our skills."

"FAULTLESS tuition. Mark, you have the patience of a saint."

"The venue and facilities were superb and so was the food."

"It was EXCELLENT value for money!"

"You modelled excellent technique and were always friendly and helpful. It's not easy to create an environment in which it is possible for people to safely fail while they try things, and I think you did."

NB. All payments are non-refundable, unless the course is cancelled. However, your place on the course IS transferable to someone of your choice or someone on the waiting list.


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