"The children really loved the workshops and it was a brilliant look into both [Japanese] culture and music. Thank you for being so helpful and professional."
Sharon Murphey, Music Coordinator, Greenwood Primary School, Ealing

Dear all

We still have a few days available in the rest of Autumn term 2012, and for Spring term 2013 for Taiko drumming workshops at your school.

If you still need an exciting activity to round off the year, look no further! Let your pupils experience the music, movement and fun of Japanese Taiko drumming!

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and certainly learnt a lot. I believe Taiko drumming has helped the classes come together and therefore create better team work. We would really like to have you back to work with our school again next year!
Katie Ford - Hiltingbury Infant School, Chandlers Ford

We've been booked for the 4th year in a row at Blackheath Prep School after the success of the our last three Spring term projects, which builds Taiko into the music and drama curriculum. All year 5 and 6 pupils take part, thereby having two years of Taiko in the lead up to moving schools. The Taiko project helps them prepare for the next stage in their education by helping them to be more confident, focussed and teamwork orientated.

"Taiko enables every child to achieve an unimagined quality of performance. Taiko appears effortless but involves formidable skills of focus and perseverance which then ignite every other area of the curriculum. After ten sessions, the audience were left open-mouthed at the final performance by the children."
Penny Thompson, Head Teacher, Blackheath Preparatory School, London

Our workshops have illustrated the potential of Taiko drumming to increase motivation, self esteem, cultural awareness, confidence, trust, coordination, commitment and cooperation.

Our workshops fulfil many of the teaching aims within national curriculum subject areas including:

Because Taiko drumming links so many disciplines, there is great potential for making our visit a cross-curricular event at your school.

We cater for children and young people of all ages and can focus on one class or offer multiple workshops for different groups. From a single day to an extended programme we use Taiko drumming to bring out the best in pupils. We have recently completed projects aimed at:

Thank you all for continuing to support the work we do in schools.

For further information please visit www.taikomeantime.com/schools or talk to me, Mark Alcock, on 07958 949023.

Kind Regards

Mark Alcock, Taiko Meantime