To ensure that your Taiko workshops are a complete success, here is a checklist for the day.

Pre-booking requirements:

  • VENUE: When choosing the space in which to hold the workshops, you should imagine a martial art or dance workshop! We need one empty hall (10m x 20m for a group of 30 children) on ground level – it is important that the workshops are held in this single venue to avoid damage to equipment and/or personal injury that can come with when moving drums from room to room. NB. We can hold workshops outside, but will always need an indoor contingency for rain.
  • BOOKING: Please book the hall! It is very important that the availability of the hall is established early, and that the booking does not clash with other activities.
  • NOISE: Taiko is a noisy activity, so the workshop should be held in a venue/at a time where others will not be disturbed. Generally school halls are best for the sound. Gyms are very reverberant, and classrooms are too small and enclosed, making the noise very intense.
  • LOCAL STAFF SUPERVISION: We are covered by public liability insurance and have recent CRB checks, but for safety and discipline purposes, we would like one member of school staff to be present during workshops at all times. They are of course welcome to join in!

Arrangements to make in the lead-up to the workshop date:

  • UNLOADING: We have lots of heavy equipment, so please plan in advance the shortest route possible from the van to the hall. This may mean unlocking side doors to the hall, and unlocking gates to the playground for van access. We can park anywhere, but unloading should be closest possible.
  • DIRECTIONS: To save us time on arrival, please supply the address of the entrance that we’re meant to use if different from the main school address.
  • LET THEM KNOW! To aid our set-up time, please inform reception and/or site manager of the hall we’ll be using, and the get-in route.
  • ACCESS: Please arrange for the hall to be open ahead of our arrival.
  • PARKING: If we are not able to park at our unloading spot for the whole day, please reserve 1 parking space with cones/parking permits if necessary.
  • CLOTHING: Taiko is sweaty work, so, although not essential, we suggest that all participants wear sports clothing.
  • FOOD: We have big appetites! So please arrange a hot school lunch for each teacher.

COVID-19 measures:

We will:

  • Arrive with cleaned drum sticks
  • Ensure at least 2m between drums
  • Supply cloths and detergent for pupils to clean their sticks after each workshop
  • Wear masks or visors in line with government guidance or school policy
  • Hold the workshop outside where possible

In addition, please could you:

  • ensure that each pupil washes/sanitises their hands before and after their workshop

Thank you!