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The links on the left contain dates and details for practices and gigs, press stuff, contact details for the band, scores and guide version mp3s for the songs.

The .mp3 files should play on windows media player ect. Make sure you've got your computor set up to recognise them.

Accompanying some of the scores is audio (mp3). Although it's not necessary in Japan when shouting a rhythm to distinguish between right and left hits for every single beat, I've done it for clarity.
Therefore, 'don' = strongest hand, and 'ko' = weaker hand.
Also, 'ka' = rim-shot with the strong hand
'ra' = rim shot with the weak hand.

MUS files
These are music files which, when opened in Finale NotePad 2005 software, can be viewed and played.
Download it here, and use the reg number WNNR-31692955 when prompted.