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Summer School - Aug 2017 click to view photos
Thank you again for the wonderful week and all your and Aki's efforts! The standard of tuition was terrific - refreshingly relaxed yet very focused and to the point. The concert was a great opportunity for us to play with a different feeling and focus (every stage experience is vital for our development I think)). The duration of the course was good and the venue and food - fantastic!
Oxana Moseychuk
Winter workshops - Feb 2017 click to view photos
Thank you Mark, I thoroughly enjoyed the day...was a fantastic experience! I wish I had taken it up at least 30 years ago when I was fitter and more flexible! I was very happy with the way you paced out the learning for us, building it up through the day...and your patience for when we hadn't quite got it! On a more humourus note....when I went to the restaurant adjoining the premier inn, I had to ask the barman to take my pint to the table....I just couldn't physically lift it! Thanks again Mark and best wishes
Irene Ridley
Great day. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the brain ache, the physical workout and the chance to do combat over which of my arms is the most dominant. Now dealing with delayed onset muscle soreness, so guess I'm still getting my money's worth! 😎
Chris Stone
Dojoji UK tour - November 2016 - with Chieko Kojima click to view photos
The depiction of a Japanese tale performed largely by a group of drummers may not seem the obvious Sunday night entertainment for Malvern but it was something which certainly hit the mark at the Forum.
The Legend Of Dojoji, performed by Taiko Meantime, was explained in full by the Rev Shunjo Ono (pictured during the talk, he is the quietly-spoken unassuming Head Priest of the 1,300 year old Dojoji Temple who, on his first visit to the UK, was clearly enjoying the Worcestershire countryside and had also a good grasp of the British sense of humour!) in a pre-show talk using two scrolls with words and images before the real event of the evening got under way. Made up of a mix of Japanese and British performers on various instruments (mainly drums but also flute and the three-stringed tsugaru shamisen), the tale is of an innocent, naive inn-keeper's daughter Kiyohime (Chieko Kojima) falling for a young monk, Anchin (Mark Alcock) on his pilgrimage to the temple.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, however, and when her dreams of love are shattered, anger transforms her into a raging serpent with dire consequences for them both...
The drumming sequences which portrayed the story were incredible to watch - long, complex pieces which retained the attention throughout as the interplay between the different players, often with the drums horizontally to use both ends and swapping places to use a different drum, really made you wonder how they managed to successfully manage to choreograph and then enact such complicated rhythmic set pieces. And yet they did, magnificently. There was, in all of this, a few moments of levity, when four members of the troupe took to hand cymbals with an imaginary device being thrown from one to another and caught - this was done in a cheeky style which was very funny to watch and was executed, as was the rest of the show, perfectly.
During the first half, the large drums were the size of beer barrels but brought on stage during the interval were the big guns - or more precisely the biggest of all Taiko drums, the Odaiko - seemingly almost the height of an adult and which certainly had a huge impact to bring the story to its tragic ending (although in this version, the pair were then reunited in the afterlife).
The encore in particular was an absolute joy to watch as all of the players came together performing both collectively and individually on stage, thoroughly enjoying themselves and deserving of the standing ovation they received.
Certainly a very different night's entertainment for a Sunday and one which will remain in the audience's minds for a long time to come.
Choice Radio Worcester, Malvern Theatres, 6th Nov 2016
I had the great pleasure of seeing this amazing show last night in Fareham. It was absolutely brilliant. Incredible playing by Taiko meantime of all the great Japanese taiko drums. These guys are world class and the sound, timing, presentation and spirit they play with is second to none. But this show is really something special. It incorporates the performances within a piece of fantastic theatre telling an ancient legend. It features dancing by an amazing Japanese dancer who worked for years with the world famous Kodo drummers and also the story of the legend is told by the head monk from the actual temple where it happened centuries ago using the scrolls from the temple. A unique experience combining incredible music and dance with theatre and ancient legend with true authenticity. World class. If you get a chance to see it, then go!
Buster Birch
Hi everyone I just wanted to share my experience of this amazing show. I went along with others to Malvern to see this on Sunday night and I urge anyone who can make the shows to go! It was one of the best nights I've had! How Mark and the team manage to put this together and remember it all is beyond me! It is truly an amazing mesmorising night! I was transfixed from the start with the pre-show talk, being taken into a world of Japanese culture was a privilege in itself and then followed by the story being played out on stage through dance and the awesome drummers was just incredible. We traveled 2 hours to watch the show and it was most definitely worth it. So go book your tickets you will not be disappointed. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me one of the best nights ever! U are absolutely amazing! Loved every minute of it!! Can't get over how much you all remember and are so in time! It looks amazing! Huge good lucks for the rest of the tour! You will smash it wherever you go!
Beth Lear
Mark, I'm sorry you probably don't need people emailing you out of the blue, but my better half and I were blown away by the performance we witnessed last night at the Queens theater Hornchurch. When looking through the program again today I found the questionnaire and needed to contact you. My immediate thoughts. Words fail me, Stunning, emotional not only the performance by yourselves, but Chieko Kojima is totally captivating, and Shunjo Ono seem to have an amazing manner, His talk, pre show was superb. I heard that you were playing the Queens as we are on there emailing list, my daughter is an asm with the theater. (please put me on your mailing list) I find it very difficult to pick any piece, but what stood out for me was the last, Hanahchijo. As good as you were Chieko's use of drumsticks was sublime. I'll keep this short, (I can go on a bit!) but in a way I feel for me this has been a life changing moment, and I thank you all very much. I will be coming to see you again as soon as possible. (we have Glastonbury tickets, will you be there?) very best regards,
Gary Davis
Hi Mark, My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the performance at the Baths Hall last night and were fortunate to have a brief word with you in the foyer afterwards. Anne was the lady with the "thank you" greeting in Japanese. As we said our son Neil works in Akihabara as a games programmer, but our knowledge of Japanese is very limited. (the little grey cells don't hang on to stuff these days!!) However, this note is it say how much we enjoyed the whole show last night and we were impressed by the drumming and the fitness of you all to keep going so long. The Odaiko drum must be particularly hard on the arms. To play this drum at the end of the performance shows your fitness and expertise. Well done to you all. Apart from the drumming we also enjoyed the lads doing the hand cymbals. A welcome interlude. As I said we had seen Taiko drummers performing in Japan at Kameari Station and a few Taiko drummer troupes in Scunthorpe in the past few years, but incorporating a story in with the performance, i.e. The legend of DOJOJI makes the evening much more interesting. Thank you once again for a wonderful evening. Kind regards,
David and Anne Atkinson.
If you haven't already seen this amazing show, cancel all other engagements, pawn the family silver, hitch, hike, bike to the final performance of the Legend of Dojoji in Hornchurch Sunday 13 November. It's much more than spectacular drumming. Taiko Meantime have developed something very special. Go along, see and enjoy the whole experience. There's nothing else like it. It was awesome! Loved it last year - even better this year. Rev Shunjo Ono's gentle humour added a new dimension. Taiko Meantime's joy shone out of every pore - well done all!
Val Tate
Saw this show in Wavendon last night, it was amazing, well done Taiko Meantime and your great guests. Get there in Hornchurch and enjoy.
Anne Dobbs
Dojoji was terrific! The pre-show talk was brilliant and really set the scene for the performance. I loved the scroll story-telling. The dancing was beautiful and the drumming an exciting combination of intensity, playfulness, and teamwork. I could have sat there for another hour listening to the tsugaru shamisen and shakuhachi. Hibiki and Clive are amazing. And I think I'm in love with Chieko-san now - her dancing and drumming skills are phenomenal. Thank you for a great show, and well done!
Christine D. Boyle
Take a bow, Taiko Meantime! What a fantastic show, even better than the last time. New additions and transitions really elevated an already high standard, and everyone involved deserves enormous credit. It's a stunning Taiko odyssey like nothing we've seen in the UK, and you'd be foolish to miss it. And what can you say about the wonderful Chieko Kojima? Just an absolute joy to watch. It was such a pleasure to meet you again. :) Keep up the great work, folks. :)
Martin Doyle
We were at The Stables on Friday 4th November for James Acaster (Comedian) and saw a poster up for your performance. We've visited Japan a couple of times over the last four years and are off there again in May for another holiday. On top of that I'm learning Japanese at evening classes so we just decided it had the potential for being a fun night out. After ten minutes I was worried how this was going to entertain us for the whole evening but we got totally absorbed and loved the whole performance. Obviously the Japanese cymbals were humorous and the whole combination together made it an excellent evening. Hard to say what was the best, the synchronicity of the drumming throughout was superb and there was nothing that didn't provide enjoyment. It's got us thinking about visiting the Wakayama Prefecture on our visit in May next year as we head down to Shikoku.
Dave & Jude
It was absolutely brilliant. Two of us each with the same feeling. Very much enjoyed the pre-concert talk and introduction to Chieko and Shunjo. Thought the show was very well choreographed and performed. A sensitively, gently humorous, professional programme. Also thought the contrast of strong drum sound and movement with ethereal quality of Chieko was very effective.
Maureen Beirne
Hi Mark, Thank you for the amazing show at the Merlin last night. I was stunned by the power and energy of the performance and came away on a high. I heard about the performance from the Merlin. My favourites were the end of the first act, The Chase, then the Chappa, a fantastic bit of fun, and finally the Hanahachijo Good luck with the rest of the tour, the other venues are in for a real treat best wishes
Margaret-Mary Archer
It was great to see you at the Stables, and I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on the second iteration of Dojoji. The smooth and well practised Rev. Shunjo Ono was great and I’ve given a copy of the temple brochure to a Buddhist nun colleague of mine. The attached photo of your Greenwich programme framed and hanging in my kitchen might amuse you.
Tony Alexander
Having fallen in love with Taiko drumming a few years ago, I just HAD to go to your show ... and loved every minute of it. It was wonderful! Thank you for such a great presentation and for bringing part of the Japanese culture to our small country town. Please do come again.
Valerie Perkins
Stunning! I am entriely ignorant of the structure of Japanese music and dance, but I enjoyed the performances immensly.
Edwin Snipp
Exhilarating!! The off beat drumming is superb. The theatre talk by Shunjo Ono san was lovely. Loved Chappa for the enjoyment shown, Miyake for the different left and righ hand drumming, Hanahachijo for Chieko's style. Wonderful expressive movements. Linda Sinclair
Absolutle amazing, emotional, energetic, fabulous - one of the best things I have ever seen.
Barbara Clarke
Amazing, wonderful. Loved all of it.
Hugh Clarke
Brilliant, never seen anything like it before. Fantastic - thank you to all the cast - would definately reccomoend.
Martin Whitmarsh
So much energy - fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable and memorable.
Eileen Williams
The monk was nice.
Seymour Morris
I liked the whole show which was awesome. please come back to perform in Hornchurch soon.
Patricia Morris
Absolutely awesome. the talk beforehand was fantastic
Sarah Halsey
Having just come back from Japan, the show was just amazing.
J.M. Spence
Wow! Moving and so energetic. A Story so beautifully told through dance and music - so happy we came. It was all so good - would love to see the show again.
Colin Gray
Wow. Music was excellent. Incredible piece of theatre. Hope to see it again.
Perfect! Intense, emotional, exhilarating. I could not have expected more! I wish there was more taiko in the world!
Sophie Mepham
It was great to see the dancer play so well, we loved the inversion of gender stereotypes.
Emma Barber
Amazing!!! Thank you.
Ella Denis
The drummers in sychronisation sounded like a single great drummer.
Martin Lowe
WOW!!! Loved everything especially the giant drums! We are inspried to look into Taiko training locally.
Bill and Keng Glover
Loved it - all of it. Very informative and amusing opening talk by Rev. Shunjo ono.
C. Pearson
Amazing! Beautifull stylish - an art form. Chieko - could have watched her all night - so expressive. Loved the introductory talk. the priest was delightful and told the story with such humor and pride.
Loraine Belam
Mesmoerising. Amazing presision. Elegant and witty.
Tim and Linda
Skill and concentration in brilliant. Performance was excellent. Would come again.
Gemma Morton-Smith
Amazing, beautiful! Really enjoyabnle - would reccomend it!
Every peice was outstanding. Kevin Squibb was amazing!
Sinita Pandya
I loved it - very moving and very well done. The femanine energy combined with the masculine is nice, and great to have a story too. Loved all the pieces - I love the shakuhachi. A fabulous show - would reccomend it to others. Love the mix of drums, dance and flute.
Claire Coghean
Amasing. very different to anything else we have seen. Wonderful energy. Loved 'Kaze no Tabi' and Chappa.
Alison Veale
A very interesting pre-concert talk. A brilliant show from start to finish. Enjoyed every minute. When will you return to Milton Keynes?
Marilyn Hubberd
Fantastic! Loved it when Anchin dies inside the bell, slowley finishing with heartbeat on the drum getting slower. Dancer's face painted with snake colours.
Russell Furniss
Superb as always. Thank you for a great evening.
Grant Miller
WOW - AMAZING. Loved the negining, the end and every bit in betweeen! Arigato!!
Gina Isaac
Absolutley brilliant. I could watch it all over again. Cheiko's oerformance was captivating.
N. Felix
Fantastic. Moveing. Prmal. Joyous. Great story-telling. Chieko is so expressive. Thank you. So glad you gave a talk at the begining. Showed respect spirituality and fun, as well as explaining the story.
Gill Hughes
Fantastic, awesome. Should tour more to raise awareness.
Powerful, beautiful.
Stephanie Mee
When Chieko came on from the back i thought it was magical! My ears are still ringing but it was wonderful.
Anthony Murfin
WOW! Come back!
David Baume
Brilliant - such energy!
Brilliant! Inspiring! Loved the costumes, dance and drums. Brilliant evening. Very good venue and food.
Mrs Lynne Birch
Amazing! Awe struck! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.
Alison Casey
Amazing energy and skill. The pre concert talk was excellent and enhanced the experience.
M Avcale
It was a wonderful. vibrant experience and performance. I loved the fact that the abbot of Dojoji temple introduced it. Stimulating to see another culture reinterpreted by UK citizens and to see the mix of the two cultures.
Excellent. Loved Chappa, Miyake.
Mike Higgins
Really enoyed it!! Perfect concise movements.
Valerie Money
Absolutely breathtakingly brilliant! Book them again. I enjoyed the pre-performance talk as it explained the story so you knwe what was going on.
Dean White
Really enjoyed it! Upliftling, exciting, good fun. Makes me want to get involved. Well done!
Amanda Yates
Dr. Tony Brain
Wonderful! Most enchanting. Please come back.
N.A. Pepper
Enchanting, hypnotic, excellent. Loved Miyake, The Bell, Yama no Ko. All pieces were excellent. Chieko's entrance was magical. Thank you for a great evening.
Deb and Claire Ennis
Energetic, gentle and colourful. Full of movement. We love Japan and visit regularly. I llove Chieko's costumes.
Deborah Taylor
Breathtaking! Amazing! Visceral! Simply stunning - thank you.
Sue Davies
Blown away, so energetic. Come to MK for a workshop!
J Knowler
Superb, so exhilerating, wonderful experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance. Thank you.
Annabelle Tomkins
Very good. We've seen Kodo many times. Dojoji was excellent.
Hilary Jarris
Spectacular, Stunning. The performance [at the Stables, Milton Keynes] was a fabulous experience. My wife and I are aqainted with this style of performance having seen the Kodo drummers a few years back.
Eddie Andrews
First saw Japanese drummers at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham 5/6 years ago - this was equally well performed. All the peices were excellent - the cymbal peice was very inovative.
Alan Myatt
Blown away - it was absolutley incredible and full of energy. Taiko Meantime should audition for Britain's Got Talent!
Joe Thorpe
Mesmerising, skillful, very enjoyable
Andy Richardson
Pleasently surprised. Tottaly absorbed in performance. Dramatic, provoking, happy and sad emptions.
L.M. Gee
Bloody Brilliant. We loved all the precision of movement. Nothing wasted. The energy!
Sally Sines
Fantastic - thank you. Superb. Loved all of it.
Barry Lewis
Amazing all round - sound/music and visually
Fantastic - the whole performance was excellent
Mr and Mrs Hemmings
Powerful and fascinating. Amzing performance - how tdo they keep going? Such incredible energy.
Angie and Jane
Very good and so different
Amazing performance from all, thoroughly enjoyed it all and admire the talent from you all - what a work out! Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Ms B. Lee
Outstanding! Superb music and dancing. Fatastic value ticket! Thank you to Shunjo Ono for his wonderful pre-show tstory. It made the evening much more meaningful. Beautiful programme - a really high quality performance and productiom.
Barbara and John Gayford
Loved all of it - when are you coming again? Thank you all so very much.
Kathry and Richard Wood
Invigorating, very entertaining, witty, dramatic, spectacular, amazing teamwork, spiritual and accessible, transcendant, haunting and very reasonable! Loved all the peices especially Chappa and the Chase. Beautiful mixture of music, percussion and dance. Such impressive staging lighting too!
Noel Hopkins
Great mix of energy, comedy and storytelling.
Kim Emerson
Energising, invogorating and stimulating
Jule Compton
100/100 Fanastic. Brill.
Good, unusual different culture. Loved the Bell and Chappa.
B. Jeyres
Really good, mesmerising rhythm, impeccible timing.
Alex Brunnigan
Extremely talented, outstanding performers. Absolutely sensational. All magnificent pieces.
Kim Marshall
It was beautiful and brimming with culture. Absolutely wonderful! Hanahachi and Yama no Ko were my favourites.
Jade Jeffries
Miyake, The Chase and the Bell were my favourite pieces. the pre-show talk was really interesting. Fantastic!! Thank you.
Sandi Jeffries
Very enjoyable. The talk at the beggining was great for understanding the performance.
Brilliant and tremendous stamina. Glad of the talk to explain everything.
A Shaw
Contemplative. I left all worries/mental clutter behind. Thank you for the free souvenir programme - very useful.
Amazing, fantastic, superb! Loved Hanahachijo and The Chase.
George Marsh
Spellbindingly brilliant! Loved every minute of it! Cant wait to see you again.
Diane Ridley
Mesmerising, powerful, moving.
Tracey Birthwright
Absolutely amazing. So much energy in the drummers, counterpinted by the serenity of Chieko the dancer in the opening section. Excellent introductory talk before the show - definately added to our understanding and enjoyment.
Frances Legget
Colourful and energetic.
B. Busby
Electric! Chappa was my favourite piece. Just amazing for all senses!
David Overton
The music was truely inspirational! Brilliant! Excellent. Passionate and powerful. Than dancing conveyed great feeling - modds of sadness, despair and anguish. The Chase was amazing, and the transformation into a snake was exceptionally fine. the drumming throughout was fantastic, and the whole performance was very uplifting and pwerful. First class performances from everyone.
The wonderful rhythm of the drums and the stroy telling and the dance was great to experience. We very much enjoyed learning of another culture.
Mr and Mrs Bloomer
Passionate, very interesting and captivating! Thank you. Amazing and inspiring performance.
Dorey Fancy
Fantastic! A really entertaining show.
Sue Barter
Most enjoyable! Yama no Ko and hanahachijo were my favourites.
W.J. Morris
Lovely, Magical and Unusual. O loved the comedy cymbals, the ensemble pieces and the dancer. Please come again.
Very enjoyable. Loved the big drum and the talk before the show.
Brillant - loved all of it. Thank you.
M Richardson
So very dramatic and such skillful percussion + movements, timing and dancing all superb. I liked The Chase, Chappa and Miyake. Loved all of it, very exciting. Loved the dancing cybals being played and catching the sounds!
L Yeomans
Totally Awesome. Incredibly exhilarating but also very spiritual. Loved it! Beautiful dancing too.
Pauline Lynpay
Absolutley Fabulous. Loved Chappa!
Charles Fox
Very different and captivating - glad I came. loved the hand cymbals!
Mrs H Goulding
Mesmerising. Fantastic. Thank you for bringing your show to Fareham.
E Lashly
Awesome drummers!
Brilliant! Timing and rhythm fantastic. I could easily follow the story from the dancer.
Lincoln Jefferies
Blew me away! Kanckered just watching them! Liked all the pieces. great to see such virtuosity - feel priviledged. Thanks for coming to Frome fellas!
Paul White
Vee Babb
Martin Long
Very very good - unusual.
Julieta Couch
It was stunning. Loved the jokers on cymbals, Chiekos' final dance, her drumming with Mark at the end, but it was ALL GREAT! Thanks!
Energetic, exciting, engaging.
An absolute spectacle.
Phyllis and Mike Prior
Amazing - loved everything. Having the tale before the performance made such a difference - very emotioal. Please visit again.
Pat Harrison
Awesome! Extremely well performed! Brilliant! Keep it up! Come again!
Phil Harrison
New and exciting story telling that captues the imagination. My mum selept through some of the drum rhythms (she is 84 years old!) - she did enjoy the show though.
A Martin
Blown away by the energy.
Beverlry Windley
Something so different, unique and enlightening. All peices were entertaining. The tiny cambal piece was clever.
Liz Moss
I dont recall there being this kind of story last time I came to see you, so its a different experience - very enjoyable! Loved it - will come again.
E Taylor
We absolutely loved the performance, it was an honour to have such esteemed guests for our pleasure and entertainment. We could have watched it over and over again and can't wait to see you in action again soon!
Sue Jones
Amazing show, unbelievable energy & concentration, dramatic & exhilarating drumming & dancing see it in Hornchurch on Sunday if you can. I'm totally sold! It's a great night out, really inspiring, go if you can!
Claire Corner-Overton
Get out and buy your ticket. Fantastic show. A feast for all (well, almost all) the senses.
Robin Pickering
What a truly incredible show that was! The best yet! The crowd were absolutely gobsmacked. Totally in awe of you all. Thanks for one of the most memorable and fantastic evenings ever. You all get better and better every time :-)
Max Edwards
You guys must be so proud of Mark......what an amazing show. 2 standing ovations in one performance!!! Congratulations!
Liz Walters
Great show of Taiko Meantime and Chieko Kojima "The Legend of Dojoji"!
Yasuna Higuma
It was a great performance tonight. Well done on your UK tour and thank you for sharing such powerful yet beautiful and delicate music.
Paul Gregory
Was a terrific night, thanks.
Terry Custance
Absolutely fabulous, amazing show! Well worth the drive to get there to see live drumming at its best.
Elaine Taylor
Attended your show in Frome last night. An amazing show and pre talk. Loved every minute. Hope you come back again.
Lisa Tanner
It was an absolute pleasure [to have the Dojoji cast visit my school and deliver workshops]. Thank you all so much! The kids were buzzing about it on Friday!
Daniel Fields
Amazing show in Malvern tonight, mesmerising skill, hugely enjoyable. Thanks
Andy Richardson
The Dojoji show was fabulous Mark, stunning dancing and a wonderfully vivid musical story - congratulations all! And that flute too - a true maestro! Taiko rules! :) It was fabulous. What a show!
Zuleika Kingdon
I totally agree, I saw the show in Frome, even better than the time I saw it last year. I'm positive she will, when Chieko does another workshop, take time out and do it. I was blown away when I did it (I think it was a couple of years ago).
David Rodwell
Totally blown away!! Fabulous evening, so impressed Mark - just can't say enough words that seem fitting really. I had no idea what to expect and am truly humbled by the talent on stage xx
Lynette Bromham
Great performance last night mate, we all enjoyed it immensely.
Andy Fisher
Thank you for the fantastic show at Fareham last night and also the pre show talk was informative and very funny, what a lovely man Shunjo Ono is.
Tracey Birthwright
Only 2 days left on this amazing tour. It's seriously electrifying. So far an amazing secret touring the country. You owe it to yourselves to try and get to one or the other shows. Just spectacular!!
David Overton
Excellent performance in Fareham last night. Next stop Milton Keynes, and then a finale in Hornchurch.
Sean Connor
Mark - what an amazing evening! Just stunning. Still buzzing. Perfection, drama, visually exquisite. Loved meeting the big man afterwards and understanding some of the history. Never seen a group of people so much "in the zone"!
David Overton
Fantastic show last night in Frome ! Some dates left to go. Highly recommended.
David Oliver
Fantastic night in Malvern please come back soon.
Lisa Campbell
Have just seen your show at Frome and you were amazing. Being told the legend before the performance made it all the more interesting and I was able to focus much better on the performers. Very engrossing and full of emotion. Please visit Frome again with another tale soon. p.s. Can you sell waistcoats like the performers were wearing so that we can take a little taste of Japan with us please.
Pat Harrison
We saw your incredible performance at the Merlin Theatre in Frome last night and were absolutely mesmerised. Everyone who took part was excellent and the drama and excitement that you generated was exhilarating. Thank you - a wonderful experience.
Phyllis Prior
Went and saw your show at the Merlin Theatre last night. Just a one word "review" - "Stunning". Thank you.
Absolutely amazing! Loved the show!! And just passed on Dojoji info to friends near Fareham - hope they get to see it too! Loved them all ... but maybe particularly The Chase ... and Chappa worked brilliantly! Would think Bristol audiences would flock to see this show if a venue could be found? And come along for workshops! I definitely would!! And Thank You for a GREAT evening's entertainment
Visually and accousitically stunning. Fantastic sense of rhythm from the whole group. Amazed the drummers moving around without loosing tempo.
Peter Portch
This was absolutely wonderful, cannot praise it enough. Brilliant, well done ..
Christine Payne
Congratulations Team Meantime on your last performance of tour. Dojoji is one of the best taiko shows I've seen
Momo Ko
Well done for producing a great show!
Mayumi Harata
Our immediate thoughts about tonight's show are WOW! Awe inspiring! We heard about the show via email/queens theatre Everything was fantastic !!! We would love to see this show again and again!! Please add us to your mailing list if you have one so that we know when you are touring again.
Steven and Natasha Adams
Very good and entertaining. Marvelous drumming.
M Eastment
Absolutely brilliant. Very entertaining, beautiful and fun
Janet Woolmer
Absolutely excellent All of it, especially cymbals and encore. Can we have them again soon please.
Jerry Woolner
Exhilarating. A wonderfully physical, wholly absorbing piece of theatre. Please come again.
Joan Smith
Beautifully staged and presented. I loved it all.
MR Russell
Mind blowing and body blowing from the sound. Speechless. All were fantastic, out of this world, Amazing. Nice to see that Chieko could drum too!!
No favorites, all excellent. Please come again!!
Michael Lydon
Excellent! Chappa for its lighthearted fun, the Bell for its power abd beauty of the dance. Have been to several Taiko performances at the Plowright in Scunthorpe. This was superb - enjoyed the fable, the dance, the music, the evening!
Domi Russell
Really enjoyed it - loved the drumming
Dojoji UK tour - April 2015 - with Chieko Kojima click to view photos
"Dojoji has raised the bar for UK Taiko. Incredible show. Thank You!"
James Barrow
The most original taiko-dance performance I've ever had the privilege to enjoy. A world class performance - Chieko's unrivalled dancing, brilliant support from Hibiki and Clive, powerful, sensitive taiko playing, humour. Congratulations to everyone!
Val Tate
I want to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday’s performance by Taiko Meantime at the Farnham Maltings. I knew nothing about your troupe but had been amazed by the drummers at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, (Chinese I know - all 2008 of them!), and enjoyed the inventiveness and enthusiasm of the percussion players in Stomp. I had hoped that Taiko Meantime would be as enjoyable. It was. It was inspiring to see the pupils perform at the start of the evening. Your own troupe was mesmerising to watch - the sheer energy, vibrancy, enthusiasm and humour. Edward Pickering put everything into his drumming. Jack Painting’s sheer joy at playing was infectious. The talent throughout your troupe is immense and joyous to watch. I had not expected to enjoy Chieko Kojima’s classical dancing but was fascinated by her subtle hand movements and facial expressions. Her graceful movements and interpretation of the legend of Anchin and Kiyohime rooted your drumming in its Japanese traditions. The show was exceptional. Well done. I wish you every success with future performances.
Steven Hughes
Awesome final show at Farnham, and another well-deserved standing ovation. Congratulations to Mark Alcock and everyone concerned!
Derek Dearden
Knocked my socks off - fantastic show, congratulations to Taiko Meantime, Chieko Kojima, Hibiki and Clive. A wonderful evening. Very much hope there will be a DVD?
Alison Smith
Dear all in Taiko Meantime. My sincere thanks to you all and Chieko Kojima for a simply phenomenal performance tonight in the Trinity Laban theatre. :D Plus, as a funder, my additional gratitude for the lovely goodies that privilege earned me. If you decide to follow the same route in the future I hope I get the chance to join in again? :). My thanks to YOU Taiko Meantime for a phenomenal evening....
Murray Lynes
Spellbinding! Excellent. We have seen Kodo perform in England and Japan but Taiko Meantime did not disappoint. BRILLIANT performance.
Ella Pirrie
Last minute tickets, front row at that, for tonight's show at RNCM. Too many superlatives but I'll start with superb, electrifying, fabulous, energising & spellbinding to start with. I've had the pleasure of getting in to 1 of your workshops at WOMAD but I had to queue to do it, but rightly so.
Janet Gorman
Thanks guys It was an amazing concert, and the bonus was seeing the youth groups [in Farnham], fantastic talent at a young age.
David Rodwell
I love the different sounds you can achieve with the drums and I appreciate the physical effort of the players. Fab!
Jean Jenkinson
Congratulations to Taiko Meantime, Chieko Kojima and everyone involved with Dojoji. A fantastic evening - the best I've been to. Stunning from every angle.
Robin Pickering
Fantastic Show - better than Stomp! Loved the humour with the Chappa, and the duet with the dance. Amazing energy by all the performers.
John Galligan
Taiko Meantime and Chieko Kojima were great tonight, Dojoji was a fantastic taiko odyssey that I'm glad I got the opportunity to experience. Top marks, guys!
Martin Doyle
Thank YOU guys for the amazing performance!!!! I always love your performances (can never get tired of them!) but this one was a big step up! Keep up with your inspiring work and have more shows soon!!
Llady GoGo
Thoroughly enjoyed the Greenwich gig! Loved the duet with Chieko - and never tire of Miyake… A Taiko virgin in our party claimed the show was better than “Wicked” that she’d just seen in the West End. Also, I thought the varied and tight lighting, without spill, was a very high standard :-)) If they were making a DVD, then I’d like to buy a copy when it’s out.
Tony Alexander
Very impressive. The pieces portrayed the story very well. The dancing was beautiful, really showed Kiyohime's character.
Carol Wai
Both serene and exhilarating, full of excitement.
Absolutely brilliant! Dramatic, moving, highly professional and totally original. All the pieces were equally good because very different in style and mood - but perhaps particularly liked the final piece, 'Hanahachijo' because Chieko was playing the drum - very romantic duet with Mark...!
Lynne Reoher
Standing ovation for your excellent performance in Farnham, tiring just watching #totalfitness. certainly very engaging to watch, we were all taken on quite a trip!
Brian Cottam
We really enjoyed the performance last night, it was amazing! Our two kids aged 6 and 8 really enjoyed it, they were enthralled. It was an amazing performance though and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, particular the kids at the beginning, they were great. Thank you.
Your latest Dojoji in Laban on 16 april 2015 is a triumph. Chieko Kojima & Taiko Meantime with Clive Bell and Hibiki Ichikawa are stupendous. Thank you so much for the greatest show on earth.
Chewyeen Lawes
Last night's the performance in Manchester was fantastic. I cannot believe you are only putting on 3 shows as I can see the effort you and your team have put into it. The fusion of Meantime, Chieko, Clive and Hibiki was inspiring. I hope you do the same show again. My favorite piece was Miyake, what a brilliant rendition, my wife's was Hanahachijo - to be honest they were all good.
Stephen Graves
What a fantastic concert this evening! Congratulations, we all really enjoyed it. The girls were brilliant too, I was so proud! You have done a brilliant job teaching them so patiently, I didn't realise they had got so good! And I wouldn't have believed Charlotte could do it a few short months ago... Thank you so much for a great evening.
Susan Richards
We attended the concert at Laban centre on April 16th. We introduced 3 other people and they were absolutely thrilled by what they saw. Well done and I hope the rest of the tour is successful.
Rob Parkhouse
I wanted to tell you personally how much I enjoyed watching Taiko Meantime last Thu. I’ve never watched anything like it really and I enjoyed the theatrical aspects to it, as well as the fact that you’re clearly fantastic musicians having fun.
Crikey! Amazing.
Definitely the best yet, amazing timing and presentation, and that was only Taiko Meantime!! Chieko Kojima was wonderful, what a treat to have the chance to see her, it was fantastic. Thank you and well done everyone.
Anne Dobbs
Very enjoyable. Kids enjoyed it too. Nice story to add atmosphere.
Paul Regan
Brilliant. Please come again!
Ruth Glover
Fantastic. Amazing experience.
Exhilarating, very enjoyable.
A brilliant evening thank you Mark. I am so glad we came.
Anne and David Alcock
Another fantastic evening! Loved it all.
Tony and Jill Hazell
Wow! Didn't quite know what to expect, but it was brilliant!
Brilliant and great fun!
Ian Hurst
Outstanding! I would recommend to anyone. Entertaining and enriching in equal measure.
Amazing Talent. Would love to see it again.
Lindsey Clayton
Brilliant! Outstanding! Mesmerizing! Please come back again. I really loved it - felt like I was swept away.
Dominic Galligan
Ellen lee
Thanks for an amazing show and being an inspiration to our kids-Elliot was buzzing afterwards!
Jane Moore
I was there in Farnham.....WOW you were outstanding! thank you
Karen Smith
It was so great mark...fantastic! You should be so proud Mark!
Lucy A Harding
Great show guys, thank you!
Sue Fisher
I am happy to success about your special tour of Dojoji with Chieko. Let's see on Japan Wakayama Gobo.
Keiji Hara
Really great to see you all again. Hope the final show went well. Thank you for coming up north to play for us! It was a great show.
Mary Murata
Fantastic show, Mark! Loved it. And great to see you all again.
Shonagh Walker
It was totally fantastic. Thanks x
Lisa Wright
Yes, I was there too. Amazing. Deeply beautiful. Passion & sweat! I gave Chieko a little cuddle afterwards. She's so sweet.
Arin Alldridge
It was a great show - really enjoyed it !! Hope to see you again soon.
Tony Jacques
Came to your show at RNCM we were blown away! Thoroughly enjoyed it :)
Angela Gordon
Taiko drums are really loud. Great show by Taikomeantime tonight @RNCM.
Aled Smith
My son, Louie age 11, was completely enthralled by last night's fantastic performance at the Maltings. Many thanks
Winter Workshops - Nov 2014
I just love the challenge. Mark and Jack are so kind and patient that I feel I (CAN ) FAIL forward. More please. You are both incredibly enabling coaches. Thank you for a demanding but mind enriching exercise and experience.
Chew Yeen Lawes
I did one of Taiko Meantime's beginner courses on Saturday and it was fantastic! Had an absolute ball. It made me realise how incredibly talented, passionate and hard-working this troupe are at taiko. It was humbling and gave me a new appreciation for them.
Max Edwards
Thank you mark and jenn, for being such incredibly patient and encouraging teachers on the sat workshop. Thank you all who participated for great teamwork, each and everyone of us were awesome !!!
Chew Yeen Lawes
Hello Mark, I'd just like to thank you once again for a great day on Saturday 15th November. Although I was a little tired after a particularly arduous week, you and Jennifer raised my spirits and sent me soaring with your great and fun teaching! I look forward eagerly to the next opportunity (my arms will be back to normal by then I hope!).
Steve Ross
I just wanted to thank you and Jenn for a great workshop on Saturday. As you can imagine, although I have been a fan of Taiko drumming for quite sometime I hadnt begun to realise quite how much was involved, and especially how fit you need to be! It was a pretty intensive day but when I think back to the 'performance', I realise that we had actually accomplished a fair bit - thanks to your expert tuition. My poor back and arm muscles are still in shock and I am suffering quite a bit today but it was well worth it.
Deirdre Connor
I thought the introduction to the workshop was really nice as it put everyone at ease and made me feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the day. The tuition was professional yet informal and very friendly which I think is really important in a creative workshop. Both of you were very enthusiastic and passionate about sharing your skills and knowledge which reflected well in your teaching. I also thought the day was well paced. I had a fun day and learnt more than I expected too. It was also a great physical workout which I liked. Working as a team was rewarding, particularly the build up to the routine we were able to execute! Following the workshop I shared my experience with friends as I genuinely had a really positive experience. I would have liked to have been a bit more free in myself and my performance but that it also great learning for me. Many thanks to you and your colleague and I hope to join another workshop in the future.
Taiko Summer School - August 2014
This summer was really special for me with some important taiko events. Your workshop was definitely one of them, which made a strong influence in my taiko life. Every time I come out from your workshop, I find lighter grip, smoother movement and more smile while playing - which are fundamental elements to improve my taiko! Before arriving in workshop, I had a particular wish for learning Katsugi - so I was really happy that we spent a lot of time for it, and even played on stage. (and now I have my own katsugi, that I can practice based on what i've leaned in your workshop!) But when I think back now, Yoko-uchi is still the one I find most interesting to develop and I enjoyed learning more than the other things. Structure was good, we learned a lot for really a short time. It was good that we spend a long time for basic skill (1st day) before playing a phrases. I thought the phrases you prepared were very good, simple but not easy to play it beautifully. I also liked that we created our own rhythms - which made it to a real "team work". It was inspiring to develop a song with other players who have different background with taiko. As mentioned above, lighter grip, smoother movement and more smile. Movement of Yoko-uchi helps in making my solo on slant stand more elegant and smoother. Also it's good occasion to play with people who usually play different style of taiko. Thanks again for all, I again really enjoyed and learned a lot in your workshop. At the end of the workshop, I realised how fun it is to play taiko, that I had forgotten for a while. I continue to practice Yoko-uchi, Katsugi and Chappa (I bought one in Japan too!)..till next year workshop!
Nori Kajio
Thank you very much for that amazing week of Taiko last month! I learned so much from you guys and I still want to learn a lot more. You really got me hooked on drumming again! Sadly, I've been suffering from Taiko abstinence since then, but am now looking for a group in my area hoping to mend that :). I really hope to see you again next summer!
Frederick Weichmann
I really enjoyed the course which fulfilled my expectations- challenging, fun, learning new things. It’s also always great to spend intense time with another group of Taiko maniacs. I feel enthusiastic about trying to play chappa & having instruction on the basics of Katsugi will be great when Tano acquire one.
Jean Brown
I attended the 2014 Taiko Meantime August summer school at frensham heights school, as a beginner and in trepidation as I have no musical background at all !! However I was also excited by the thought that there's a concert at the end of the 4 day workshop, and that I have the opportunity to perform alongside the Taiko Meantime professionals and my fellow Taiko course participants !! I am so grateful to and for Mark and jack's incredible tuition and patience, I enjoyed the wednesday performance very much. The Taiko Meantime performers are stupendous and I felt great. Not only was it a great and creatively challenging workshop, I have made friends with 9 other like minded wonderful individuals. I look forward to improving my Taiko skills learnt in summer school when Mark organises the london autumn classes.
Chew yeen Lawes
I had a fantastic time and am so grateful for your and Jack's tuition and support (it was like skiing; exhausting, but exhilarating). The tutition was great. You and Jack had so much energy, enthusiasm and patience and I was really amazed at how much one to one support we got. I thought that the course structure was perfect. It was great to have the stretching every morning. Learning the different rhythms were a good challenge (including the solos even though I really struggled with them) and it was so much fun to learn the chappa and katsugi. I agree that creating our own rhythms gave us ownership of the pattern. I am delighted to have met others who play Taiko especially as I had no idea that so many groups have started up in the UK. I will try to join a group. I'm still practicing the rhythms in my head and feel that I was able to hone some really basic skills that we used in the pallet. I have gained confidence in solos and enjoyed the challenge.
Kate Wigley
SOAS, with Chieko Kojima - 22nd March 2014
Fabulous! Myself, my mum and three friends saw the show at SOAS and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! Likewise for the taiko workshop. Inspiring to see such an active and talented taiko group outside Japan.
Marie Clarke
Taiko workshops, Frensham - 8th and 9th March 2014
Thank you Mark and Jack for the greatest mind and body workshop weekend ever. ENCORE. You both are great teacher motivators. and what a lovely bunch of individuals we all are. Thank you all for a great weekend. I am sure we are going to see each other again, with Mark, Jack and the Taiko Meantime team, maybe at Chieko's show and workshops on 22 & 23 march 2014...I am going to all!!
Chewyeen Lawes
Just wanted to thank you for an amazing day. I had so much fun and enjoyed every minute.
Gina Wadham
Farnham Maltings Theatre - 31st January 2014
We just wanted you to know that we thought the performance in Farnham last week was breath taking. We took my boys aged 8 and 10 and their friend also 10yrs old - all learning to play the drums at school and they were totally inspired. 'It was awesome' - they played all the way home to Reigate!
Donna Constable
It was really good to meet you all and see your full concert. The sound and movement of each song still stays in my ears and eyes. I deeply enjoyed the "taiko performance" of Taiko meantime, which has a unique identity. Each song has strong images and I feel like I really discover the beauty of them this time. It makes me remember what is great about taiko: let taikos tell the story. Thanks again for inspiration, I'm so glad that I could come this time. BRAVO!
nori kajio
I came with my family to watch you perform in the Farnham Maltings last week it was such a lovely evening we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sara Burnie
Thank you for a very stimulating performance. A great variety of styles but more contemporary than I had expected. My favourite pieces are always the traditional ones, where Taiko stands out from all other types of drumming ensembles. So I enjoyed most Miyake, where the story is told through the physical as well as the acoustic play. The Chappa is very musical and offers some light relief.
Chris King-Smith
Amazing!!! You must be worn out!
John Winchester
Really amazing! Love the different tones and volume that came from the drums. It is really inspirational!
Kelly Taylor
The audience was transported on an exciting, mystical tour of the orient which kept the senses alive; without respite; from beginning to the very end. Have seen taiko before, was a great show but yours was far better. I like the variety of performance.
Winston Burrows
Incredible energy and sound! Performers must all be super fit. I joined in the whole time by feet movement and fingers tapping! Clive Bell adds enchanting, haunting music. Drumming and flute together were amazing.
Joyce Hurd
Brilliant, quality, and really precise timing! Even more brilliant than Greenwich!
Katie O'Connor
Dynamic, transforming, energizing, mesmerizing, uplifting.
Julie-Anne Gates
Amazzzzzing! Awe inspiring, magical, mind blowing! You can see how passionate you all are about the drumming which made us enjoy it even more.
Naomi Hampshire
Very surreal and made feel like I was sitting on a high mountain with cherry blossoms in the midst of Japan. It was very enjoyable! Very atmospheric and the rhythm was impeccable.
Emma Harvey
Surprising at first but really unusual and exciting. Completely new experience. So atmospheric, literally took my breath away.
Becca Johnson
Fabulous, amazing, hilarious, fun and beautiful.
Jessica Tutill
Amazing, immense, extraordinary.
Mind blowing, good for the soul! Leaving you strangely relaxed and inspired. A great experience for all ages, transporting and enchanting.
Emma Russell
Very intense, incredibly accurate and truly quite amazing.
Alex O'Connor
Impressive synchronicity, great show.
Steve Thomas
Stylish, disciplined, athletic, poetic.
Angela Thames
Fantastic, exciting, energetic music. A chance conversation led us here this afternoon - we're very pleased that it did. Thank you.
Jane, Richard & Chris Rowe
Fantastic, so precise and in sync.
Gary McWilliams
Dumbfounded, excellent performance.
Christine Barnfield
OUTSTANDING. How on earth do you remember it all? Not a bingo wing in site!
Gill Parratt
Unbelievable performance. Well worth coming to see.
Suzi Parratt
Takes me back to the land of my birth. I can't stop smiling - my face will be hurting by the end of the evening.
Grace Keal
Mesmerising. Love the choreography.
Karen Healey
Too big a sound for such a small venue, expand! Awesome performance, great visuals.
Jan Southern
Exciting! Powerful! Inspiring! World class!
Simon Spencer
You should be on TV.
Breathtaking, powerful, it made me cry.
Jenn Thompson
Powerful, visually spectacular, varied. Loved the flute music as well. A really great performance all round.
Jacqui Searle
Amazing - so powerful and yet so subtle and beautiful too. The choreography and movements were so impressive too - very tight and precise.
Rosellan Lambert
Dramatic. Sensual. Draws on all the emotions; heart thumping to tear jerking.
Kim Cody
Very inspirational. Arigato gozaimasu for a fantastic performance!
Tiffany Hurden
Utterly brilliant - spellbinding. Amazingly athletic and visually arresting. Clive Bell is brilliant too!
Mark Langdale
Thrilling - couldn't stop my feet tapping along to the beats.
R. Clarke
Exhilarating! Last piece before interval was mind blowing! Caught the energy.
Carol Penny
Amazing - what stamina, rhythm, fantastic flautist, just a stimulating evening.
Cindy Hill
Very, very exciting indeed and very powerful music. I love it.
Libbe Angell
Very powerful, breathtaking. Not only outstanding performances, I could feel Japanese spirit in them, also very beautiful with shakuhachi.
Eiko Ishida
Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! You made me proud of Japan! I love shakuhachi sound too!!
Emiko Honey
Primal. Powerful.
Steve Searle
Fab performance! Very inspiring and strangely relaxing. Kids loved it.
Sascha Ellman Brown
Wonderful, exhilarating, incredible energy.
Jan & Gordon Wright
Amazing harmony and movement - total concentration and skill. You guys could fill the Albert Hall, you are so talented! Clive Bell was sensational too.
R. Juliand
Stunning, exciting, superb, skilled. Come back to the Maltings.
Amazing, resonates. What energy! Mood lifter.
Dr Shazia Mahmud
Beautiful and well composed; rhythm and timing is perfect, creating an incredible and inspiring atmosphere.
Lydia Playle
Brilliant. Would love to have a go myself.
Polly Murray
Exhilarating! Dynamic and everything one expects of a professional taiko group.
Judy Moore
Fantastic! Again.
Tony & Jill Hazell
Startling, dramatic, stimulating, impressive, unity, energetic, balletic & exciting! Was concerned that drumming alone would be monotonous, but am amazed by how many different pieces can be composed and performed - brilliant. Stunning. Very well done - you're such an impressive and professional bunch.
Jenny Rivarola
Greenwich Theatre - 29th Sept 2013
I saw you perform a short slot at the Will Adams festival at Gillingham earlier in the month and was really taken by the performance. I really wanted to see your full performance [at Greenwich] and am so glad we did. It was a terrific evening, full of energy and passion. Your timing and speed is amazing. Favourite Pieces: For me is has to be 'Ame' followed by your closing piece 'Iwai Uchi'.
Graeme Brown
Really great show. Loved the large-scale ensemble pieces. Rhythmic competance is a give with Meantime. The highlights were the moments of connectedness between the players on stage. My favourite piece was 'The Camel' - lots of energy and kiais shared on stage between the players. Great flow of composition. The strongest all-rounder.
Oliver Kirby
It was a great show. You guys are amazing.
Patrick Lauson
Fantastic performance. We came up from Gillingham in Kent to see you. Well worth it!
Mr and Mrs Taaffe
Fantastic! A pleasure and privilege to be in the presence of such physical genius!
Lucy Harding
Stunning show. It has to be felt and seen, as well as heard. The most exciting evening I have had for a long time.
Carolyn Quillfeldt
Taiko Summer School, Frensham Heights - Aug 2013

I thought that the course was tremendous. Hard work and for me a steep learning curve, but I have learned so much and am now putting this into practise. The video footage was especially helpful, whilst being excruciatingly embarrassing, but very instructive. The course exceeded my expectations and was great fun. I loved it.

Mark and Jack were great instructors, and I can quite see why people come again and again - I would like to do so myself. My fellow Taiko players are greatly enthused by my reports of the Taiko Summer School and are showing an early interest in next year! Thanks so much for a great Summer School.

Katrina Young

Both of you are really brilliant teachers. It was amazing how easily you spot what's done wrong and how precisely you could explain or show how to make it better. Before the course, I was quite worried not to be good enough for such a high level course, but you have a knack for demanding much, but never too much. This is very motivating and lots of fun!

Of the things I learnt on the course, I can take back the "figure-of-eight" movement for example, which I can use in a solo in one of our pieces. Practising so much the left hand and loose grip is definitely a benefit for my group's slantwise played pieces. Also it was good to have an introduction to katsugi style - now I've started using it in my group.

But much, MUCH more important were the "soft skills". On the first day when you demonstrated something, It was like "WOW!!!", because you play exactly the style of taiko I'm aiming for. And with a clear picture in the head it is easier to work towards it. That will really help for my own regular practising.

Doing four days of nothing but drumming as well as seeing you developing a performance piece set something free in my head. Ideas started to flow on how and what to work on with my group. New sound fragments and patterns started popping up that can be used for practising with the group or maybe included in new pieces.

And, finally the most important thing: After a time of a feeling of stagnant and constant dissatisfaction I now know clearly again WHY exactly I'm doing taiko :) . I'm not sure how to express this properly in English, but you brought all the spirit, the enthusiasm and the joy back that initially brought me to start playing taiko, but which I had somehow lost in the last months. I hope I can pass some of this passion to my group.

Just a big THANK YOU again - and I really hope to snatch a place for next year's summer school :)

The concert on the penultimate day is perfect. It exceeded my exprectations by far. Frensham Heights is a really nice place in all aspects. Also the theatre is great.

Doerte Alex, Taiko-Connection Berlin

Dear Mark, A huge thank you to you and Jack for being such inspirational teachers. Not only did I learn a lot of tangible skills to do with rhythm, timing, form, and technique, but I also learnt other aspects that I hadn�t envisaged, such as the importance of having the right spirit and how amazing a group can be when they truly manage to work together as a team. And although our evening performance didn't go as well as we had hoped, in a way I�m really glad it didn�t, as what we learnt from it was truly invaluable. I also want to thank all my fellow workshop students; it was a great privilege to play with such lovely, talented people!

The whole course was very well organised and I can�t think of anything else that could be changed. And the massage was such a lovely treat! I got a lot more than what I expected from the course. Fantastic venue! Everything was great. Top class tuition.

Rather than learning the jiuchi as one piece and the main pattern as another piece, which are then put together, learning to treat them as one single entity was a real eye opener for me. This was something I had never had to do before and it makes a whole world of difference in the way you learn. Also, I now understand the importance of doing kiai while playing, which is something I�ve always known in my head, but had not really understood completely.

Masami Knox
Great concert and the students did well too - thanks for a wonderful summer school the boys loved it x
Patricia Johnson
An amazing four days. Thanks to Mark and Jack for their supportive, patient teaching, and to all the other participants who pulled together to deliver a blistering (in all senses of the word) Yokouchi-style performance. An introduction to Katsugi was the icing on my mochi ball!
Val Tate
Sturminster Newton - 15th June 2013
Exhilarating and mesmerising! We came away buzzing. Amazing craftsmanship and skill. An excellent show.
Rebecca Bruce
We went to your concert last night at Sturminster Newton Dorset. I went with my Mum who is 75 and my husband. It was only by chance that we sore the ad. I brought the tickets for our wedding anniversary, as a surprise for my husband Chris. All three of us had the most wonderful night ever. We were all overwhelmed with the passion and energy you all produce. This sounds really bad but Chris and I can't get out very often as he became disabled after a road traffic accident. 17 years ago, I have been his career since then. Then 3 years ago I also became disabled. Living on a low income we have to watch what we spend and sadly don't go out for year to year. But I would have paid double the price of the tickets after seeing you last night. My Mum was also blown away with the experience of your talents. Please come back to Sturminster again or if you are ever in the Dorset area again we would Love to see you all again. Thank you so much for an evening of true pleasure. My best wishes to you all.
A fantastic show - will definitely see you again
Eddie Sheppard
Family and I came to see you last night at the Exchange not really knowing what to expect. All we can say is WOW - what a fantastically energetic and uplifting experience it was. Thank you for coming all the way to Stur and we look forward to seeing you again soon. (Must go now to download that Taiko app. and look on ebay for a drum!)
Paul Wilson
Electric performance .. Sturminster Newton. Thanks guys.
Lesley Morrell
Outstanding rhythm and grace. Great inpression of ritual. Suberb timing. Superb athleticism.
Blair and Jill Agnew
Brilliant high energy theatre. The drums are ver martial - especially the larger ones. Faves were the traditional ones, especilally Miyake.
G. Shaw.
Dramatic - superb teamwork andfriendly links to the audience.
Rita Downer
Hypnotic, exciting, amazing presentation. DO YOU EVER DO WORK IN PRISONS?
Linda Cowley
Wonderful - mind blowing. How do you do it? My fourth concert - they just get better!
Sally Gillam
Spectacular, fabulous energy, fitness, skill and choreography. Please come next year.
Lesley Marell
Amazing - I enjoy your concerts immensly.
Patricia Higgs
Absolutley Fantastic - a wonderfull invigorating evening.
Judy Woodward
Exhilarating - loved the infomation you gave about some of the peices.
Carmen Forder
Incredible, emotive, phenominal
Stunning, brilliant, mesmersiing. A total assualt on the sensen - in a good way!
John Margaret
Fab as ever!
Liz Walker
Joyfully intense. Intensly joyous.
Patricia McCarthy
Fantastic - I've never seen anything like it before. I want more. I loved it!
Wendy McQuinton
Very full on. WOW!
Abolutely brilliant.
Jenny Gosling
Exhilarating, vibrant, stunning. So glad we came. What a fab way to spend a Saturday evening.
Wonderfull. Inspriing. Thanks you.
Bridget de Colvery
Absolutley breathtaking. Spellbound. Love it love it love it!
Winter workshops, Bristol - 20th Jan 2013
There aren't words to express my enormous thanks to Mark for our workshop today [at GKR Karate in Bristol]. To finally take part in a workshop and for my colleagues to experience something completely new..and LOVE it!! We have had the best day, building our team, learning a new skill and being lucky enough to have a brilliant guide and teacher. Thank You
Catherine Derrick, GKR Karate (Go Kan Ryu), Region 49, Bristol
Winter workshops, Bentley - 11th Nov 2012
We had a great time. Having taken so long to learn the rhythm, we cant get it out of our heads now...Best wishes and thanks for a great day.
Richard & Barbara Suggitt
Many Thanks for a great day yesterday, I really enjoyed it.
Bob Cosgrove
Great atmosphere, very inclusive, no one was left out. Everyone got a chance to do a solo. The time flew - I was sad when it was over! I liked the way we had lunch together...I think it was important. Tuition was very good and the right level I think. I understand why we use gravity rather than muscle now. Breakthrough was that I learnt that I should keep my shoulders still a bit more - I am rotating a bit too much. When you said about encouraging people by shouting when they do their solos - it helps to see how in practice that works when you are doing a solo and no one is shouting to you. You feel like you are a bit out on a limb! Next day I watched some taiko videos and I understood how the arm should come down.
Bury Court Barn, Bentley - 28th Oct 2012 click to view photos
A wonderfully intimate concert in a beautiful setting a very special evening. Beautiful building with lovely acoustics, food was excellent. When is the next one planned? It was great to have to walk through the drums to get to the seats, so you could get to see them from really close up.
John Wyant
Wow! What a sensational evening. I was blown away by the energy, precision and power of your Taiko drumming. The fireworks and drumming accompaniment were amazing and you were right to promise a spectacle never to be forgotten. Thank you so much for introducing me to such an exhilarating form of music - totally unknown to me until now.
Kate Shearman
Thank you for a fantastic evening of Taiko at Bury Court Barn last night. The setting was great and the music excellent, best Miyake I've seen and the Hanabi was amazing with the spectacular fireworks. Well done everyone!
Anne Dobbs
What an extravaganza last night! The show was so varied that it was constantly interesting. Amazingly synchronised - making for a great visual. Lovely atmosphere with the flames, wasabi and sake.
Bury Court Barn provided a very inclusive setting for the performance and gave full visual impact to the impressive power and depth of the music. Loved the fireworks with drumming - even the rain could not dampen the effect.
Helena Mitchell
Amazing, inspiring. Wow. How much weight did the drummers lose? excellent food. Super venue.
Joyce Hurd
Great performance with an interesting range of pieces and good energy throughout. Lovely venue and atmosphere and good fireworks. Tennon Ryu was a great ensemble piece, dramatic and the form of the players looked really good. I really enjoyed the energy of the Odaiko - great dynamic there. I loved the relaxed fun performance of the chappa as well and look forward to seeing Hanabi performed again.
Nening Denis
Very exciting an powerful. Superb venue.
Suzanne Page
Brilliant. Loved the fireworks. Odaiko, chappa and Ame were favourites, but difficult to choose as all good.
Absolutely fabulous. What a great venue - beautiful. Food was outstanding.
Sorrel Price
My favourites were Chappa and Miyake for the visual performance. Great venue, fireworks very good in combination.
Amazing - loved every minute. My favourites were Miyake and Tennon Ryu. Fireworks were incredible especially with the drumming.
Sue Collingwood
Marvellous! Thank you.
Ruth Paris.
Fantastic - really enjoyed it along with the obvious enthusiasm displayed by everyone in the team. Favourites were Miyake and Chappa.
Maurice Bardsley.
Ashley Wood Farm, Wiltshire - 22nd Sept 2012 click to view photos
We all had a lovely night! Thank you guys! Look forward to playing Taiko tomorrow!
Yuko Leece
Thank you for a fantastic evening. We didn't know what to expect and were truly amazed. You're brilliant!!
Clementine Earl
Watched your show last night at Ashley Wood Farm, Wiltshire and was completely blown away! You guys are awesome! It would be so amazing to be able to do what you do. May well book myself on a workshop! Good luck for your future events.
Elaine Taylor
Saw you perform tonight at Ashley Wood and you were absolutely mesmerising. Just brilliant.
Audrey Hoare
Amazing, eclectic, magical, healing, supportive and beautiful! In more than a word! :-) Thank you.
Natalya Chagrin
It was a most enjoyable night. Certainty would love to see another show ;-)
Angie RedHot Loopy
Truly great gig and the workshop on Sunday was interesting and challenging in many ways, thanks guys.
Stuart Moxham
Thank you so much for waking me up, and teaching me something new and exciting..hoping to do more soon x. Thank you for a fantastic workshop. We had such a great time raising the roof in sleepy Wiltshire, please come and do another workshop soon. Thank you so much, you're a great teacher!!.
Penny Daw
A very big thank you for a wonderful performance and workshop last weekend - the enthusiasm of your two audiences was wonderful to witness, and a fitting response and tribute to all of you at Taiko Meantime - and to all your hard work, passion and the sheer theatre of it all - thank you. This was a real treat for everyone who came - the like of which has never been experienced in these parts before - you really woke us all up!
Clare Martin
Thank you all for the photos, the concert and the workshop. It was a marvellous weekend.
Isobel Scott-Clarke
I really enjoyed both your performance and the workshop on sunday. It was exhilarating, energetic, and challenging. Putting us into the mindset of performing was an interesting concept too.
Rachel Boase
Will Adams Festival, Gillingham - 15th Sept 2012
Had a great time at the Will Adams Festival today, and really enjoyed your workshop. ( I have only just regained my voice lol) Thanks Guys
Gordon Burgess
Great to see and hear you at the Will Adams Festival
Brian Gittings
Men's Olympic Marathon, Leadenhall Market, London - 12th Aug 2012
I was in Leadenhall Market for the Olympic Marathon and was completely blown away by your performance. You made what was a very emotional and wonderfull day even more memorable. I hope I get another chance to see you perform. Well done!
Peter Walker
The drumming was sensational and really enhanced the atmosphere at Leadenhall Market today...and many around me were saying the same. Brilliant.
Vicky Stewart
"Arigato" event, County Hall, London - 6th Aug 2012
That was a brilliant Taiko performance today!
?? wagumi
Taiko Summer School 2012, Frensham, Surrey - 30th July - 3rd Aug 2012
[The course allowed me] enough time to really stretch myself but also enough time to rest, or play more. It was great to go back to basics again on the last day and, although physically demanding, was a great way to finish off with some momentum. The venue was beautiful and affordable. The tuition was excellent. Mark is clearly not only an excellent player but a great teacher too. He gave guidance, praise and the opportunity to direct parts too! It was no small job either. Doing so much Taiko so intensively is a challenge and dealing with tired frustrated people takes a lot of patience. I felt that Mark's only aim was to help us play to our full potential (group and individual) with no want for anything in return. A true gift. Thank you. Something [inside me has] been lit and I'm excited to see where this goes... Looking forward to playing again and to next year's Summer School!
Tom Martin
Fantastic to see Taiko Meantime gig and then have the stage to ourselves, to perform a song learnt over a couple of days. That is as in the fabulous team of guys that took part in the summer school course. If you ever think about wanting to do a taiko course with Mark Alcock/Taiko Meantime, then don't hesitate, he is a wonderful teacher and you will have a great time as well as learning a lot.
David Rodwell
The tuition, was fantastic. Mark has such a passion for taiko that he takes the time needed to show everyone, what ever level they are at, the skills they need. He has a caring attitude towards everyone, as well as an easy to understand teaching method. There is a lot that I have taken form this course, after stripping myself back to basics. I will hopefully be able to use some of the beautiful movements used over the few day. Meld them with what I know and hopefully come up with more entertaining solos.
David Rodwell
Another wonderful evening. However many times I see it, Miyake fishermen is awesome, the humour of the chappa is refreshing and I still don't see how you can remember 9 minutes, even with a little repetition. As for summer school, I thought this bunch of attendees were even better than last year's, and last year's were good. Thanks so much for another great evening.
Paul Hone
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course and can't think of any way it could have been better. Every course is different, and a big part of the fun is to see different ways of doing things and learn from those. The participants themselves were a great bunch and I hope to come across them all again at some Taiko event or other in the future. For my group I'll be taking home a lot of flowing technique to practise, along with some challenging warm-ups. I liked that the "tune" was not too complex and we had plenty of time to just practise playing with better technique, encouraged by excellent guidance and tuition. Thank you for the four days, it was great.
Dee Swift
Thanks for a great few days Mark! Hope to be back next year.
Yvonne Chadderton
Thanks for an excellent summer school. It was great to be immersed in Taiko for 4 days and the tunes are still going round in my head. The level was very good for me to feel challenged to keep up, but not so hard that I felt lost. The massage [Phil Vanderwert] was well appreciated and a very good standard. The concert on the penultimate day works well as it gives the last day with some of the pressure off to review the work and introduce a few new elements. Very happy with the location, meals were enjoyable, theatre very good and the swimming pool a bonus. I liked your relaxed informal style of putting it over and also your confidence to allow the group to have their input.
John Bolwell
I loved the challenge of learning a new technique and performing a piece. It was a lovely group experience. The tuition was great - not too fast or slow with all the new stuff. Good fun. I'll take away improved strength of playing, especially side & slant using yoko-uchi techniques. I'll also be able to incorporate new kata into my solos. Thanks for such an enjoyable week playing taiko with old and new friends.
Jean Brown
The course was great. Passionate, patient teaching. You always kept perfect balance between accepting everyone's strengths and weaknesses and getting the best out of everyone individually and as a group. I experienced those moments when I would just guide the sticks and let them fly and they would hit the skin with such unexpected natural power that it felt exactly right. Letting go of useless overcontrol was one very important lesson for me. Thank you.
Alanis Lux
Diorama Festival, Regents Place, London - 18th July 2012
You are beautiful guys! Thank you for another great performance at lunch today! You made my day! :)
Llady GoGo
8th UK Taiko Festival, Exeter - 30th June 2012
Was great to have you down at the 8th UK Taiko Festival. Fantastic to see you on stage and a great infusion with Kagemusha Taiko at the end.
David Rodwell
Taiko Meantime were fantastic and it was great to be on stage with you at the end!
George Howe
You guys were amazing in Exeter! :)
Hilary Cox
Thank you so much for your performance, it was a magic moment! And thank you for sunday workshop: such a deep deep pleasure to learn with you Marck and Jack!
Crystel Zrnjevic
Taiko Meantime were absolutely incredible on Saturday night. So so happy to have them at the Exeter Northcott to a sold out show where the atmosphere was out of this world. Our juniors won't talk about anything else were so inspiring, please please come to visit us again soon.
Hannah-Jasmine Brunskill
Totally fantastic!!!! Amazing energy & beautiful kata! :-)
Selene Corvin
Many thanks for your extraordinary performance and excellent workshop this weekend, both were deeply inspiring.
Joe Cooper
I loved your group's performance...very powerful.
Adrian Freedman
It was really great to have met you in Exeter, seen your performance and joined your workshop. Thanks again to Mark for an excellent course - it was a rare and great occasion for us to learn the beauty of taiko by different method. It surely influences our taiko in a good way.
Nori Kaijo
The workshop was a real great moment for me (and everyone). It gave a lot of joy and at the end of it I was barely touching the floor (I'm not kidding!). Your explainations were clear, step by step I was able to grasp how the piece was built, what the nuances were and I was able to play it with energy and heartily, without fear, and mainly with big joy, like a child. I know for sure that the rest of the group also enjoyed deeply this moment. I don't know if these remarks will help you, anyway, I think it's always important to say it when a teacher, and master, is good! A big 'thank you' also, of course, for Jack, who helped a lot, repeating patiently the movements!
Crystel Zrnjevic
The workshop was excellent - loved the style and I love to be challenged by new things to learn. The movements were lovely and I was so glad to have the opportunity to work with you. Look forward to seeing Taiko Meantime again.
Jubilee event - Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich - 3rd June 2012
What I will remember most about the jubilee weekend, as well as getting thoroughly drenched and cold to the bones! are these guys, Taiko Meantime. They performed at the Jubilee festival in Greenwich. I was most struck not only by the wonderful sound, and the strength and stamina of the players, but by the movement and energy they put into the performance. Really something to watch. Not a usual thing to be on my blog but I loved the artistry of their performance.
Winter workshops, Bentley - 18th and 19th Feb 2012
It was a great day and you and Jack were both very patient teachers, especially with someone like me who is a very slow learner. Hopefully see you again at another workshop or a performance somewhere.
Heather Stabler
Many many thanks again for yesterday's workshop. - Very much enjoyed it! Hope you had a good and productive day today as well.
Mira Sovakar
Thanks for a great workshop on Saturday. It was a good introduction to Taiko and you both made it fun, informative and challenging in equal measure. I hope to sign up for more workshops in the future.
John Clarke
I had a great time at the workshop. The teaching was very good and the way the day was organised, building up to performing the whole piece, was excellent. No negative points at all. I'll be back for another workshop at some time in the not-too-distant future I hope.
Kath Jones
Many thanks for the training last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My arms are still aching! This was my first time trying out Taiko and I felt extremely well treated. The standard of tuition was excellent. It was amazing that we could go from absolute beginners to performing a complex piece in one day. Many thanks to you and to Jack for a brilliant weekend. Looking forward to seeing you next time!
Jim Connelly-Webster
Thank you for a fantastic day, it was the funnest time ever! The workshop was pretty close to perfect...would love to come to every workshop you hold. We will definitely come see you guys at the Marathon though, looking forward and thank you again.
Lynn Lu
I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was challenging but fun. For me as an absolute beginner, the tuition was clear, well paced, with clear goals....even though I personally struggled with timing and remembering some rhythms!!! The whole day was very well delivered...great teaching! (As a teacher I can be quite critical of this!!) So well done to you and Jack. I really hope to be able to join you again at sometime in the near future to practise and hopefully develop some of the skills taught. I thought the venue was fab, workshop great value for money. Just thank you, thank you and wanting to do more!!!!
Jane Price
4-week Taiko course, Acton - Nov 2011
Thank you very much for the most invigorating hour and quarter class you gave us this evening. I really really had a great time. There is something about the drum that makes me so happy, even as a child going to Omatsri to listen to the beat was so exciting. Blood bubbles and can't help but smile... Thanks again for your energy, very special!
Sayuri Yamamoto
Japan Matsuri, London - 18th Oct 2011
It was great to see you perform at the London Matsuri on the 18th October. As a novice taiko player (with Norwich Taiko Centre) it's great to see other people play and to learn from you. I love your enthusiasm and style of performance, it was so engaging. I really want to come to one of your workshops, I will keep a look out to see when they are next on.
Kate Brooke
Taiko Summer School 2011, Frensham, Surrey - 8th to 11th Aug 2011 click to view photos
The tuition was of a very high standard, with clear and lucid explanations and lots of valuable feedback. Tutors were always willing to give additional help. I found the video replays enormously useful, both in terms of understanding the big picture of what was going on, and of getting feedback on my own performance. I'll take from this course: improved style, especially the need to raise my arms higher; awareness of the importance of maintaining a professional image from the point where the group walk on to the stage; importance of imparting a sense of energy to the music; importance of the need to keep tracking the music to pick up cues on time; importance of the need to feel the music rather than analyse it, particulalry when fitting solos into the space available. I had never played the Odaiko before, and I now have the confidence to have a go on this in some of the songs in my own group.
John Hall
Thanks for a great workshop guys! The course always meets my expectations...the intensity is great; makes me focus! The venue is superb...Frensham Heights staff are a great bunch too! Tuition was spot on...I feel I improved immensely this time especially on the Odaiko. Personally I think I improved the power of my playing; and my technique generally. Thanks again; fabulous, intensive and immersive few days...loved it and pencil me in for next year please!
Bill Parr
A fantastic 4 days - Thank you!!! The tuition was excellent!! Lots of patience and help when needed. Useful comments and info about how to improve all in a direct but friendly way. I really appreciated Jack's help in writing out the rhythms as a musical score that I could read and work with in the evenings. By the end of the week I really felt that my timing had improved and I hear the beat and rhythm through the piece. I'm certainly inspired to continue practising and stretching each day and to find a way to play taiko more often.
Zoe Moores
A wonderful challenging experience. Still dreaming those rhythms. Thank you so much.
Sue Dean
You skilllfully challenged and cajoled - in the nicest possible way - a group of players with a broad range of experience and styles to deliver a performance to be proud of. Thanks to Mark and Jack for their excellent teaching.
Val Tate
Your tuition, as ever, is spot on - "tough love" and inspiring. Jack was really super and so patient. Keep up the good work - it was a terrific summer school.
Sue Dean
Sincere thanks to Mark and Jack. Loved every minute....And it was great to have a try on the odaiko. Now I know what to ask Father Christmas for....
Tony Jacques
Both Mark and Jack were excellent teachers. I felt that I really learnt a lot. It was great to be really pushed. It was also great to be in a group with people who had much more experience in taiko than me. It was also very inclusive and I liked they way that the solos were tailored to people's ability so everyone was able to take part fully in the performance. We went to our regular group's practice on Sunday and we had everyone doing the stretches followed by loads and loads of jiuchi practice and big strokes practicing using the technique we learnt from you. There was a definite improvement in a lot of people and I felt more confident that I knew what they needed to be told to help them improve. The members were all exhausted but I think they really enjoyed it - there was a lot more energy in the room. Thanks again for everything. I had heard from various people about your summer school and how good it is - I was not disappointed.
Mary Murata
Taiko Summer School 2011, Frensham, Surrey - 2nd to 5th Aug 2011 click to view photos
Thanks for an amazing four day introduction to taiko. Withdrawal symptoms are really starting to kick in now; I desperately need to hit things and find myself drumming tunes at work, in the supermarket and even on the bus, often without realising it! If you do more weekly classes in the autumn I will try my hardest to wangle the time off work. It was fantastic motivation to have a performance to work up to. I knew the course would be a challenge, but it ended up being even harder than I expected (in a positive way). It was far more than just learning how to play a taiko drum. The theatre was quite an inspiring place to practice/perform and the school grounds were a wonderful place for stretching. Mark and Jack were both very patient and enthusiastic teachers. Having joined the course as a complete beginner I now have an idea of basic taiko techniques. I have a good idea of what it should sound/look/feel like to play the drums correctly and I know what to work on when I next get the opportunity to play taiko. As a generally very quiet, shy person, I always knew the course would be personally very challenging, but the way in which you taught allowed me to overcome my fears and get a lot out of it both musically and emotionally. I went back to work feeling more relaxed than I have done in years and with far more confidence and assertiveness, I just hope it doesn't wear off too quickly! Thank you so much Mark and Jack!
Cat Warsi
You're one of our favorite teachers, Mark. You do a great job. Keep on going!
Peter Beck
Deal Festival - 2nd July 2011 click to view photos
Fantastic show at deal last Sunday, I really enjoyed it.
Peter Collison
Thank you for a truly great concert! You certainly gained some new fans in the Deal area.
Christine Cummings
I saw you in Deal and have to tell you how impressed I was. I've seen Kodo twice in London some years back and of course they were brilliant but I have say that your performance was just as exhilarating. It was so great to be close to the performance. I loved the way the sounds reverberated in the building. I am so impressed with your skills. Hope to see you again.
JPower - Japan Tsunami Benefit concert - 29th June 2011
When I was a kid, during the summer, the summer night dancing festival (bon odori) was my faviourite place to go, and there was always this oo-daiko on top of the very high erected stage, and all the kids and adults dance in a circle to the min-yo, the Japanese folk song, accompanied by the powerful beats of this big drum. I used to love going up the stage to dance because you could feel the quake of the taiko beats. Since then, I have always loved the sound of taiko, but the performance last night was so much more powerful than the taiko I knew, but yet, sometimes tender and sometimes subtle, and I really enjoyed every piece you played, and I think so did everyone else in the room last night.
Miyuki Tanaka
BUPA 10k - Leadenhall Market, London - 30th May 2011 click to view photos
I was running the Bupa 10K yesterday and the main highlight for me were the drummers! I used to live in Kokura, Kitakyushu for three years and Kokura Gion was my favourite time of year. The drumming was all over the city for a month before the competition night. So you can imagine how nostalgic I felt when I heard the drumming yesterday. When I got home I googled Taiko drumming and found you. I actually live in Charlton and was made up to see how close you were.
Marion Rasekh
Kew Gardens Global Celebration - 14th and 15th May 2011 click to view photos
I was thrilled to encounter Taiko Meantime in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. Their discipline, energy and entirely beguiling enthusiasm was uplifting for all who witnessed it.The interplay between drums and players was both magical and infectious. Taiko Meantime suceeded in casting their rythmic spell on the young, the old and all those in between. Their exhilarating sound served to complement the beautiful surroundings of Kew and to wake up this often sleepy corner of West London in the best way imaginable.
James Lloyd Pegg
My family and I came to watch on Sunday and thought you were absolutely amazing. A highlight for both my children. Your enthusiasm was infectious and we could have sat all afternoon caught up in the moment. Many thanks.
Theresa Green
Super performance :D
Zoe Moores
I was there!!! Enjoyed very much : )
Yukiko Kuramoto
It was really wonderful, we loved it ...
Patricia Johnson
it was simply AMAZING
Audra IV
London Marathon 2011 click to view photos
On Sunday I completed my 10th consecutive London marathon. I have always enjoyed passing under the tunnel approach where you have been every time I have run. This year I was pacing my girl friend around the course and so running well below my usual pace. I took the opportunity to stop and with a nod from someone grabbed a stick(?) and joined in, very badly I am sure! I would just like to say thanks for the support over the last decade, and thanks for the opportunity to join in yesterday.
Fintan Culwin
You guys were awesome - best entertainment on the route!
Graham Bower
Winter Workshops, Bentley - 5th, 6th and 19th Feb 2011 Click to view photos of this event
Thanks for a great session, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.
Joe Howlett
Hi Mark, great day on Sunday, thank you.
Claire Cray
Thanks, Mark - it was an excellent day! Really loved it!
Richard Lawton
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of last Saturday's workshop. When I enrolled, I didn't know what to expect yet throughout the day you gave us so much (I say "us" as I think everyone in the group feels the same). You conveyed your passion for Taiko and Japan. You shared your knowledge, your expertise and your enthusiasm for Taiko. You gave as much one to one tuition as you possibly could without slowing the group down and without making anyone feel uncomfortable. And at the end of the day, you managed to make complete strangers play a piece together!?! What an achievement, all thanks to you. We couldn't ask for more. I definitely intend to join one of your future improvers workshop. I will also not hesitate to recommend your workshops to anyone.
Michele Tokunaga
Thanks so much again for the workshop. It was so much fun and so thoughtfully taught.
Susan Andrews
I really enjoyed the workshop - you're a great teacher - still can't quite believe that you got us to performance in one day.
Sarah Rourke
Thanks so much for the very enjoyable workshop - I came home feeling really enlivened.
Georgina Harte
Many thanks for the workshop today. I really enjoyed the whole day and feel quite revived after recent illness! You are a very pleasant and inspiring teacher, there's always such a great atmosphere in your classes. Thanks again.
Joyce Hurd
????????????????? ???????????????I had a really brilliant time and look forward to future workshops!
Masami Knox
Will Adams Festival, Gillingham Park - 11th Sept 2010
We had a fantastic day out in Gillingham and it was really great to see Taiko again. It's been a long time since I have been a spectator. We all really enjoyed the performances. You guys are amazing. fantastic precision, and great range of styles and instruments. I particularly loved the interaction between players in solos, like in Miyake Jima Daiko.
Simon Vanyai
I have just got home from seeing your performance at the Will Adams festival. I have to say, in my opinion, you stole the whole day! Absolutely mesmerising, fun, enchanting, completely entertaining and gripping. I can still feel the rhythm of your drums in my chest, a day not easily forgotten. Loved every second. I am a kit drummer and martial artist so appreciate the music composition and the physical techniques that appear to be involved with your performances. My partner and I would love to come to one of your workshops and get involved. Thank you very much indeed. We look forward to and eagerly await the release of your music on CD.
Wendy & Simon
Your performance at the Will Adams festival was stunning and showed so much talent. It must be really tiring to do all that though! I love Japan and now I love it even more:)
Manisha Dusila
Private wedding, London - 21st Sept 2010
A massive thank you for your performance at our wedding yesterday and for making our evening so special, unique and memorable. Our guests are still talking about how amazing and unexpected the performance was. It was very important for me to show my family the culture that my new wife brings with her, and your group was a very big part of that. The energy, presence and power of the performance was captivating.
Chirag Amin
3rd Taiko Summer School, Frensham, Surrey - 27th to 30th July 2010
This was the first Taiko course I have done that had day after day tuition. Having something to build on each day, for me was great, a great way to learn, pushing me physically & mentally to a good place. Mark & Janette were absolutely FANTASTIC! Amazingly calm, patient & inspirational! With great demonstrations & words of encouragement that enabled me to understand more about how to achieve the desired result. There were times when it must have been so frustrating, but the way you both taught & quietly waited was very impressive. You make a great team, listening to our views & keeping us focussed in a postivie way which got us to a great end result! I particularly liked having the concert on the Thursday [penultimate day] as we could all chat about & see the end result the next day, which I felt that this was a good ending. Loved the fact that the concert took place in the theatre that we trained in & that I was familiar with. As this was my first Taiko performance, planning it this way definitely stopped me feeling too nervous! The accommodation was beautiful, a lovely place to be calm & enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Big open spaces, plenty of room. There was a selection & fresh fruit every day which was good. Love the theatre!!!! Brilliant design! Also lovely being able to enjoy the gardens & woodland for exercise. I DEFINITELY want to attend next year, so please let me know dates as soon as you have them! Keep doing what you are doing, IT'S BRILLIANT & it WORKS! Thanks so much for a wonderful time....
Ziggy Giles
The both of you have a great way of teaching. There is passion in the way you show things and that is so important. There is also a great amount of patience from the both of you, which is lovely to see. You both smile a lot. It was great to see everyone have a great time and turn non-performers into performers. What a fantastic theatre too. To practice and to perform in an easy access theatre is a dream.
Dave Rodwell
The tuition was a thoughtful balance of pushing the less experienced of us tempered with gentle encouragement - no easy feat with a mixed group. Excellent. The concert on penultimate day was just right. For me it meant that I could really enjoy the final day's drumming without the anxiety (with hindsight, unnecessary) of performance nerves. I spent the whole of Friday grinning like an idiot! The venue was great. Apart from obvious bonus of beautiful environs, the accommodation was very comfortable, the food well balanced and tasty and the canteen staff really helpful. Apart from the Taiko itself, it was great to team up with such an interesting and diverse group of people. Life affirming stuff.
Sue Dean
I really enjoyed being taught by you and Jeanette. You were both very positive which encouraged us to do our best. I enjoyed the variety of techniques we practised and liked the way that you both ensured that we all got to try everything. I really liked having a performance to focus on. The venue was great. Nice to be able to look out over the countryside. Theatre was excellent too - especially as we were able to leave the drums where they were at the end of each session. Things I'll take from this course: - knowing that video can be a great tool for improvement, especially for keeping performance clean (preparatory stance, bow etc); - seeing how enthusiasm can be conveyed if the audience can see you are enjoying yourself; - trying not to stop at the top of a preparatory arc but to use the movement as part of the downward stroke; - remembering that it is about the whole, not just the rhythm.
Rosemary Ingrey
We still think back to the Taiko Summer School with delight. It was the best part of our holidays! The course was well structured. We appreciated the stretching in the morning, the patience of Janette and you when we rushed, your accurate way of teaching the patterns. Especially your persistency on speed, precision and playing as a team helped us to improve our skills. And last but not least all your suggestions on performing matters will hopefully be integrated in the gigs of our group here in Switzerland. We both hope to participate in next Taiko Summer School again!
Pia & Pete Beck, Switzerland
Mark and Janette's tuition was FAULTLESS. It was good that Janette could take those of us who were not picking things up so quickly aside. She did this for me and explained it in a manner that I understood. Mark you have the patience of a saint. What can I say...Thank You does not seem enough. Please book me on next year's summer course. Please let me know of any other courses you will be putting on in the meantime. What a fantastic changing for me. Can't wait for the next one. My confidence in myself grew. I was overawed at some of the other's experience, not only in Taiko but in other musical fields, but felt I improved as the week went on. At first I thought too much was expected of us, (re performing on the Thursday). But I now realise it was pitched at the right level. If you had not put the pressure of a performance onto us I wonder if we would have progressed as much as we did? Really enjoyed having the Friday to review our performance and just have fun expanding the piece. I didn't want the course to stop. Was great to see Taiko Meantime play again. I am so glad that I came, what a wonderful experience. LOVED playing from the side, felt really at home.
Morag Leask
Loved every minute of the course Mark! I'd never played 'yoko uchi' style before, but learned efficiently thanks to your teaching...gonna have to make a big stand for my Taiko now! You and Janette made a good experience even better with your patience and expertise and I've a lot to take back and practice now. Please register my interest in next years school as I'm looking forward to it already! It's like you said while we were stretching, It's a perfect way to spend a day - and believe me, if I could spend every day that way I would! Cheers!
Bill Parr
What an excellent performance at Frensham last night. Thank you. I love a wide range of music, each triggering a particular emotion but when I see Taiko Meantime, I find myself sitting there with the biggest grin on my face. The most basic form of music is the most original - pure drumming. I don't really like using this word, but it was truly AWESOME.
Paul Hone
Eltham Palace - July 4th 2010
Really enjoyed your energy and sound today. Thankyou!
Jen Ny
Virgin London Marathon - 25th April 2010
Guys - I understand you are the performers who were under the A206 on the Woolwhich road during last Sunday's marathon. I ran the Marathon last year and was amazed by the sound you produced and when I ran this year I decided I had to try and contact you. You may not be aware but it is possible to hear you somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 mile away and then once you get closer the sound is simply awesome. I have no idea how long you play but it looks like quite hard work, so much energy. I'd like to thank you for for giving me such a lift, it was a truly amazing performance and an amazing sound. Rgds and thanks.
Chris J
The Barn at Bury Court, Bentley with Guo Yue - 28th Nov 2009
We very much enjoyed your performance on Saturday. My 16 year old son is very keen on drumming and would love to do a workshop so please let me know when the next one is.
Melanie Rose
We saw you at Bury Court on Saturday night and were knocked out by the performance of you and your team along with Guo Yue.
Johnny Rath
Westend Centre, Aldershot - 27th Oct 2009
Just wanted to say thanks for a great night out at the West End Centre recently and that I would very much like to go to the Bentley Barn evening.
Chris Stone
Taiko Summer School - Frensham - 3rd-6th Aug 2009
I still look back with great pleasure to [the summer School]. I really liked your style of teaching and I hope, I can join a future Summer School again. Are there some plans about 2010 already?
Pit Beck, Switzerland
I was slightly nervous beforehand about playing with players who had a lot more experience than me but that proved unfounded as everyone was very supportive of each other and the tutors skillfully differentiated the material in a musical way that kept us all engaged and challenged. My expectations were exceeded on all levels. The venue and facilities were superb. The food was good. The drums were beautiful to play and the tutoring was pitched at a level that pushed me but kept me positively engaged throughout. Mark is an expert in his field with a 'sincerious' approach that fosters development of all the right attitudes for taiko in his students. I felt that I was learning a lot all of the time I was on the course. There was no 'dead' time which for a group of that size is quite an achievement. I think working towards a performance was useful in giving purpose to the learning. I also enjoyed the revision of basics and learning a piece as an ensemble - seeing how compositions evolve 'live' in the room. I found the amount of actual playing time very beneficial. Doing rather than talking about it. It was very experiential and I like to learn that way. Thank you Mark and Janette for running such a great course. I really enjoyed the experience - it has cemented my love for Taiko and I look forward to playing more with you in the future.
Paul Crawford
It was absolutley brilliant and I came away buzzing....I will definitely be interested in anything else you hold at the same venue. I love the way you get us to do what you want (or what we can) without analysing every move; giving an instruction and not changing it; keeping us working - teaching by doing and letting us learn by doing and repeating. It was EXCELLENT value for money! good sleeping quarters (for the minimal time we spent there); plenty of other indoor spaces to use; meals were delicious, well thought out and varied (and plentiful); beautiful grounds - and time to explore, morning and evening.
Madeleine Rubach
It was good to learn the chappa techniques (though my finger still hurts from doing it wrong!) I found the Oshimedaiko practice the most useful, as I don�t normally have the opportunity to play it. De-briefing of the performance was useful, �stage-presence� and coaching on stage entrance and movement between drums. Musicality.
Yvonne Chadderton
'The course was intensive and provided the opportunity to really focus on taiko technique and performance. Having looked at videos from the course, I can verify that Mark and his assistant's comments really focused in on what I needed to improve, and supported the development of good technique. My confidence has improved considerably. The venue was also relaxing and supportive of 'downtime' after each session.The grounds are wonderful, and were used by many of us for early morning exercise/tai chi, which also helped us during the course.
Anna Jones
Brilliant 4 days and I feel stronger already. Wonderful to see your group play and be part of that. Thankyou for personal feedback.
Deb Poulter
Back to the basics! like you said, this is usual for any player at any level. The basics we did on the First day was very helpful and prompted me that I don't do enough of them usual. so that's the major thing I take away with me from this summer school. Also the relationship of taiko movement and rhythms/music, even though it is so simple and so obvious. I get the word "Heighten" from you when you kept reminding us be extreme about the big and small. Later in the course I have realised actually even "small" yet still requires more focus and intensity, must not lose the sharpness, especially tone wise. Then, of course the Last day morning, chappa! Even though I have a pair of chappa and having been clushing them from time to time, but never taking any lessons before. So this will start me off on practice chappa from now on.
Xun Dong
It was great to get a chance to play on the odaiko and pick up basics for future practice. Similarly with chappa. The level of expectation, too, was high and I felt challenged to do my best all the time. Several things were really useful. The focus on musicality as an integral part of the initial learning of a piece was very valuable. I can use that as a model for future learning. Seeing ( as in last year's course) how a song can be structured using the different skills, equipment and ideas to hand. Realising just how much the rings I always wear affect my left hand grip! Basic skills on the chappa. I know I'll be doing this again in my own practices. Wish I would be putting the odaiko work to use too :) This is the most challenging summer course I have done, because it was aimed at players with some experience. When ability is very mixed, it's often easy to get away with less effort. I hope you'll run a similar course next year. The teaching was very good, Mark and Jannette. Thank you. You constantly challenged players to do their best, noticed what needed correcting and noticed what was good, or where we made effort. You modelled excellent technique and were always friendly and helpful. It's not easy to create an environment in which it possible for people to safely fail while they try things, and I think you did. Also, it was just great to have the unexpected chance to see Taiko Meantime play. The band were so lovely to us, so supportive when we played. I would love to come back next year!
Lynne Fox
What a fantastic few days I had! As you know my experience with Taiko was very limited prior to this workshop; but I feel that you and Janette raised my technique and my confidence in playing to new heights...I just fed off and loved that energy! Trouble is that you also raised my hunger for Taiko so now you're kinda obliged to feed my needs! Any training opportunities you can offer will be gratefully received and acted on! Thanks for a great (too few) days, i sincerely hope to be playing Taiko with you again soon.
Bill Parr
Diorama Festival, London - 24th June 2009
I heard you on Euston Rd today and was very impressed.
Sue Longrigg
Brighton, Moshi Moshi Japanese Street Festival - 31st May 2009
Just had to say how much I enjoyed the performances yesterday! It was totally electrifying and was so great to see you guys performing!
Lani Watson
Workshops at Westend Centre, Aldershot - 26th May 2009
I absolutely loved taking part in your workshop and was raving about it to everyone I met for days afterwards! That included a friend in Hove who had recently lent me a Kodo DVD and as a result of my enthusiastic description planned to come and see you in Brighton. I hope the Japanese street festival went well � and was worth the dash from Wembley! On the workshop again, I did ache in what felt like every muscle for 3-4 days afterwards though!
Sarah Tosey
The workshop was fantastic, please do let me know what else is happening in the way of drumming as i'd love to participate on a more regular basis, or just have another go!...Thanks very much for a fantastic evening, and i hope to see you again if anymore sessions happen.
Richard Miller
Skoll World Forum, The Sheldonian, Oxford - 25th March 2009
Dear Mark! I can not thank you enough for kicking off our 2009 Skoll World Forum with such a fantastic performance. I look forward to staying in touch and crossing paths again.
Kelly Creeden
Farnham kids workshops - 16th Feb 2009
Hi Mark. Thank you very much for the lovely workshop which my son enjoyed a lot today. My son said it was never enough, wishing having the workshop every week. Please arrange this as often as possible in Farnham area. We look forward to seeing you soon and will wait for the next info from you. Thank you again.
Miki Standring
What a fab workshop, we ALL really enjoyed it.
Sonhild Grey
Dear Mark, Thank you for the workshop. My son enthusiastically told his friends about his drum lesson. He now puts on a CD of Taiko drums we have and I see him doing very big circular gestures with his arms, pretending to play the drums.He always joins in with the "hah".He certainly got something out of those two hours! As for myself, I was very happy to finally hold those sticks and try those drums! It's not just drumming, it's a dance!
Mariette Labelle
This is a little note to say that thank you very much for the session on Monday. My son thoroughly enjoyed himself.
Miyako Wright
My son was clapping and singing the rhythms all evening.
Marie Kingston
Thank you Mark! My son and I had a great time and would be very interested in the next workshop.
Jonathan Williams
Greenwich Cultural Olympiad, Greenwich Park, 26th Sept 2008
We took our son to your performance on Friday night and he loved it. We also had a family friend visiting from Croatia who came along and said what a fantastic time she had. Many thanks again. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
The Kingston Family
Royal Academy of Music, London: three-day intensive Taiko workshop, 31st July to 1st Aug 2008
Thanks again for an amazing introduction to the world of taiko.
Yan White
Thanks again for a great experience - lots of useful teaching points to integrate into our practice.
Val Tate
I�ve been putting my �beginners� class through their paces this month and passing on the drumming techniques that I learned with you, it�s made such a big difference to them straight away, also the arm stretching exercises are gradually making a difference to my playing.
Yvonne Chadderton
Dear Mark, I felt that you were very inspirational and motivating. Your delivery was clear, concise and driven. It was evident that you had planned the sessions well. Having been on your workshop I am inspired to go on to develop my Taiko drumming skills further. I also thoroughly enjoyed the double bill concert (Chinese Instrumental Music & Japanese Taiko with Taiko Meantime) and appreciated the opportunity to attend. It was enjoyable to perform in a concert at the end of the three days giving us something to work towards and a sense of achievement. I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you put into organising the couse and look forward to attending future events.
Winston Taylor
You will be pleased to know I am a much more confident Taiko player following the course!
Anna Jones
WOMAD festival, Charlton Park, Wiltshire, 27th July 2008
I saw both your workshops at the WOMAD festival this weekend, and the performance that you did on Sunday afternoon with the three other drummers that joined you, was one of the best I had seen the whole weekend. There was such amazing physical energy and it just sounded brilliant. Thank you so much for giving the workshops they were brilliant.
I have just attended your workshop at WOMAD and thoroughly enjoyed it, I've always loved taiko drumming so it was great to have a go. Many thanks.
Nicola Smith
I participated in your workshop that you had at WOMAD recently... I really loved your little performance and enjoyed seeing a different way of doing miyake to what i know. Anyway it was really cool to be able to have a little go again after not doing any taiko for over a year now!
Melissa Renner
Glastonbury Festival 2008
I just wanted to congratulate you all on your Glastonbury gigs. Each performance was stunning. Taiko Meantime was definately my favourite act over the entire three days. I had a brilliant time. Thank you for a great weekend. Here's to next year!
Greenwich Theatre, 1st Nov 2007
I have just watched the excerpts online [from Greenwich Theatre] and am very impressed with the energy emanating from the performers, the fun they are all having, and also the wonderful lighting which enables the audience to concentrate on the show! Fantastic work!
Sarah Comber
Good fun with hand cymbals. Miyake - nice display of technique, showing how it should be done. Guo Yue - crystal sounding + emotional. Great flute. The Camel - Infectious beats along with smiley faces! Odaiko - cheeky little start. The shadows at the back during main part were brilliant. There appeared to be no drum and looked like a stick fight - fantastic. Jade flute - what can I say - sublime. TennonRyu - how it shoud have been on Kill Bill. Nice choreography too. Atsumari - cant beat plenty of drums with repeating patterns.
Lee Davis
I was amazed... Truly original!!! I couldn't stop smiling. The big drums with the lighting and the tambourines was great.
Gareth Moorton
Absolutely fun night of taiko. I went with a few of friends and they all enjoyed it as well!...highlights of the night - Chappa: worked really well all round that night and very inventive as well in terms of the composition. O-daiko: Apart from strong playing, lovely stage setting and lighting design, interesting way of showing off O-daiko, the way of both of you played instead of one player being more dominant worked really well. Miyake: my personal favourite anyway, thought the performance that night was the best I have heard from you guys. The shime part of eddy's song in first half made a strong note! showed off your guys skills.
Xun Dong
Truly amazing!
Absolutely brilliant! Different to Kodo and as good as them. Very energising, invigorating, thrilling, exciting performance. It was all brilliant. I'm just surprised you were only on for one night.
Sue Varois
Fantastic, exhilarating. Love to experience Taiko Meantime soon please! When are you returning? You all look so fit and grand. Delightful to watch. Tremendous timing and skill. You are all just wonderful. My heart was out of my body - fantastic.
Chew-Yeen Lawes
Excellent - very enjoyable.
Lynne Wilson
Great flute - Guo Yue - crystal sounding and emotional. Good fun with hand cymbals. Miyake - nice display of technique, showing how it should be done.
Lee David.
Impressive. Flute player on 'Goodbye Again' was outstanding. Superb, makes me want to take up Taiko. Very energetic. Good stuff.
Mark Davis
Absolutely amazing!
Megan Armson
Emotional energetic burst of inspiration - best I've seen! Perfect balance of performance and lighting.
Martina Clay
Good choreography. Very energetic. The neighbours complained!
Different, fun to watch. I think the show was grate from what I saw of it.
Kaan Danis
Consistently Excellent!
Prerona Prasad
Absolutely fantastic! the most amazing show I have ever seen - great talent, fab choreography and lighting - mind blowing... I will definitely come and see you guys again next time you're in town, and will bring all my friends next time, as I have raved about it to them!
Sue Fisher
Absolutely brilliant. I loved the passion you've shown on your faces, through the drums! Please tell me if there is a DVD on sale. And I love you ppl! Keep drumming!!
Jia-Xuan Hon
Brilliant! I couldn't believe that a baby slept all the way through it!
Absolutely blew me away!
J. Picksley
Brilliant :-)
Mel Cheng
Raw, energetic, sweaty. You really enjoyed and felt the music. Would love to see more.
Absolutely love the rhythms - I really wanted to join in! For the first time I wish I was still teaching - I would love the kids to hear you.
Suzanne England.
A very exciting evening, great energy, professional presentation and great drumming. I loved the interaction between all of you, your eye contact, your smiles, the feeling that you were enjoying yourselves. Kim's story telling was lovely.
Anne Alcock
Wonderful performance.
Brian Sole
Congratulations on the sold out show! It was amazing!
Esther Stringham
Another great show! Well done! It was fun, exciting and the band were looking rather fit!!!!!!!
TJ Dobbs
Just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed your concert at the Greenwich Theatre last Thursday - especially the second half. Great odaiko work from you and Ed and it was nice to see the proper version of the "catch the pigeon" piece you taught our kids. And Guo Yue was brilliant. Definitely worth the journey!
K Squibb
Brilliant show...just wanted to say that me and my friends really enjoyed the show on Thursday night, it was absolutely brilliant (especially the "Miyake" piece)!!
Masami Torii
Just wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing evening last night at Greenwich Theatre. I was totally blown away, the energy on stage was simply stunning, each piece outstanding, uplifting and exhilarating all at once! It was also lovely to see Chris Hunter playing with such confidence; his stage presence has quadrupled since I last saw him perform. He has a lovely playful energy. Everyone on stage excelled! Keep up the good work! Much love
Iyshea McKay
Fantastic performance last night - thank you! It must take you all about a week to come down from something like that! Visually great too - look forward to seeing another one.
Alex Blum
We saw you perform last night - great show and so good to see people so obviously enjoying what they do!
Michelle Barsch
That really was absolutely fantastic last night, a huge visual and aural treat for all of us lucky enough to have been there, and we congratulate you and all your musicians on your brilliant skills and athleticism - thank you! (like all the best things, it far exceeded our already high expectations!). We were superbly entertained last night - all thanks once more.
John Coke
Last night, the gig was fantastic! Well done!! You all must have worked so much for it. I believe you deserved the great applause and now rest??
Rie Hiramatsu
Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival with HODC, August 15th-19th 2007
I am very happy that Second Signal had its US premier at Jacob's Pillow... We really liked Henri Oguike's choreographic style - muscular, sinewy and very musical. Your group really complemented the dance company. I hope that you and Henri continue to collaborate on future work. I was so very impressed with the musicality of the piece, and how the dancers really followed the flow of the rhythm - I enjoyed the decidedly contemporary movements. It was most exciting for me to see a successful dance/taiko collaboration - it is something I have wanted to do for a long time - to be able to integrate my movement and rhythm training. Your miyake was really very nice, especially the dynamics and range you had in it - and the evocative lighting made an already impressive piece even more so. The solos were really in the flow of the rhythm. If the rest of Taiko Meantime is as impressive as what you presented, it is no wonder that you are in great demand.
Elaine Fong, Odaiko New England, Boston
Farnham workshops, August 2nd and 4th 2007
Dear Mark Just a wee note to say we had a really fantastic day. Very exciting and challenging, especially having to 'perform' only 6 hours after picking up the sticks for the first time. Great fun ! We all had a grand time and hope it will not be too long before we can have another go. Well done. All the best for your future ventures. Regards
Di Palmer
Mark, Many thanks for another excellent workshop, pity I was not in the shape to do it justice. Still suffering although it seems to have improved slightly this afternoon.
Arthur Abbot
I had a great time, and whilst I know I will never be any good at Taiko Drumming,I will aways want to attend workshops just to keep trying, enjoying myself and meeting people like youself. Many thanks and best wishes.
Jeff Clark
I have to admit to being very nervous but had an absolutely wonderful day and felt totally exhilarated by the end of it if not a little exhausted!! You are such a good teacher and very inspiring�..I�m still feeling the buzz now!
Debs Quaile
Many thanks for the fantastic workshop, I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Syn-Yee Ooi
Just a quick message to thank you for the workshop last Thursday. It was amazing and I (like some others in attendance who I�ve spoken to) was very impressed with how much you managed to teach us in the time we had!
Ian Yates
Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable (and therapeutic!!) workshop in Farnham. It was great and well worth the trip!
Teresa Micallef
Just emailing to say thanks for a great workshop! it was highly enjoyable!
Justin North
Mark - I just wanted to write and thank you for an absolutely excellent day today. I feel great (if slightly achy) after a day where I was constantly challenged and yet never felt out of my depth. You were brilliant at leading the group and I think we were all amazed at what we managed to achieve by the end of a day. It was definitely worth it. I can�t wait to here when the next set of workshops will be. Good luck for the gig tomorrow, sorry I can�t make it, but I will definitely be looking for tickets for the November gig. Many thanks again for all your support and expertise today I am still on a high from it all. I shall keep practising the arm movements, rhythms and counting to eight. Fabulous!!! Cheers Claire (itchy, knee, sa, she��..).
Claire Robins
Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing day I had at your workshop - it was brilliant, inspiring and fun! You're also clearly very passionate about it and it must be great being able to do it professionally.
Stephane Lobet
Mark, thank you, I had such a great time, shake my soul!! U are such a good teacher that you make everyone become oneness with the drum sound. The beat stay with me for 2 day and I even dream about it, very touching sound! I love to join more in the future. But meantime, what is the best way to learn taiko ? Is there any learning kit that i could play while i m at home? I do miss taiko since sat. It really give me a lot of hapiness!
Camilla Tse
Pheonix Theatre, Exeter (UK Taiko Festival), 15th July 2007
I have to write and congratulate you and the other members of Taiko Meantime for your performance at Exeter...The entrance was great, just like warriors approaching.
The power and the energy you all managed to generate, made for an electric atmosphere and for me, and I am sure many others, made this the best performance of the weekend. You know what I think of youself and Ed, but where did you find those other superb players, including Nobuko Miyazaki on the flute. My favourite, as you probably will guess was Miyake, until you and Ed played Odaiko...stunning. By the way, your costumes really fitted the way you play, simple, but it worked. Please pass on my congratulation to Ed, Paul, Craig, Chris, Kim and Nobuko for a wonderful experience.
Arthur Abbot
I had been planning to head off home at lunchtime on Sunday but then decided to watch you guys. I was really glad I did!! Meantime were fantastic - well done to you all, I know you must have worked hard!!!
Cathy Darvell
London Marathon, April 22nd 2007
Now I look at your website only to discover that Taiko Meantime was responsible for the great atmosphere past the mile 5 mark of the London Marathon last month. The rhythm went very nicely with the adrenaline in us runners! Not what I expected on that otherwise unremarkable stretch of Woolwich Road, but after the great send off and then the fantastic crowds in Woolwich, it helped confirm - for me at least - that miles 1-6 are the best part of the race!
MJ Urbany
Read this review:
Easter Holiday workshops for children, Farnham and Guildford, 3rd and 4th April 2007
It didn't take very long at all to see that [my children] were completely taken in by what you were showing them and telling them. They reported back to me saying what a "brill" time they had had and it was "simply amazing". The end of session performance confirmed quite clearly that they had enjoyed every minute and now Declan has decided he would like to play the drums!! Thanks for that!
Jackie Wagstaff, parent
Fantastic class. My son is still talking about it! Can't wait for next time. I thought as a parent you encourged the children to think, understand and concentrate rather than just "bang a drum".
Tracy Elser - Nursery Nurse, Student and mother
Hi there! May I thank you so much, Mark, for providing an absolutely inspiring and amazing taiko workshop on the 5th of April 2007 - it made taiko finally come alive in every way for me!
Simon Knight - member of Oku Nojo Daiko, Oak Farm Community School, Farnborough
That's the best ten pounds I've ever spent!
Parent, after Guildford workshop
My grandsons really enjoyed your session during the Easter Holiday and we will certainly attend another time. Thank you.
June Crisp
Farnham beginners workshops, 3rd and 4th Feb 2007
Mark just wanted to say thanks again for the fantastic fun yesterday. And it was so good to recapture that great team feeling again. Even though I still couldn't get the hang of the jiuchi (I had that problem before).
Susan Andrews
Hi Mark Just a note to say what a great afternoon yesterday - I'm just about getting my forearms back.
Fern Callister
Hi Mark, Wanted to thank you both for a great day on Saturday... I really appreciated the opportunity to come to the workshop, had a good time, and now a few aches.
Nick Hunting
Thanks very much for doing the Taiko workshop on Saturday. Was lots of fun although I am aching today!! Found the workshop really good, and would love to do more if you have any plans for more!
Stephanie Bradshaw
I had an absolutely fabulous time and I felt fantastic afterwards. I look forward to the next public workshop.
Sayuri Hasegawa
London Marathon, 23rd April 2006
Just wanted to write and say thanks for the drumming at the marathon on Sunday (Taiko group under a bridge in Greenwich - I'm guessing it was you guys!) I lived in Japan for a couple of years and played in a Taiko group there, so I always like to see other groups. I was running my first Marathon and was totally blown away by the support from the crowds. So, thanks, it really helped me, and I'm sure plenty of other runners.
Graham Fereday, 25/04/06
Thanks for your Taiko bands support on Sunday, I did actually see you whilst running under the Woolwich flyover, beating a massive drum, which I have to say was very motivational. I did receive many comments from friends who were also running on Sunday to say, that your band was the most inspirational! Cheers
Eddie Rixon 26/04/06
Hamburg workshops with 'Yo Bachi Daiko', 13th-15th Jan 2006
After having seen a pure sensational Taiko Meantime performance we invited their leader Mark Alcock to work with our group. It came as no surprise that he is as good as a teacher as a performer and he even exceeded our high expectations. It was like opening a door to a fantastic new world.
Oliver Boldt, Yo Bachi Daiko, Hamburg 17/1/06 Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop in Hamburg!
We were all really overwhelmed from your powerful way to strike the taiko and we enjoyed your perceptive and very detailed way to teach it. It was impressive to see, that it is possible to combine a lot of energy, tension and concentration with flexibility and lightness.
In just 3 days you caused visible changes within the group by working on the energy and not only on the show elements, as many groups do. It was just what I needed for my further training and I hope you will continue working with us as soon as possible.
Beate Hundsdorfer, Taiko-Connection Berlin 2/2/06
Purcell Room, Rhythmsticks Festival, Southbank Centre, London, 17th July 2005
I was blown away with the show on Sunday only having seen you do a couple of pieces in Bury St Edmonds. To see a full two hours of drumming was a real treat. Miyake and Odaiko were my two favourite pieces.
Stuart Wright 21/7/05
Enjoyed the show last Sunday. Great to see a full house.
Leo Stemp 20/7/05
Thanks for a great night. I thought the music was fantastic and the lighting was simple yet really effective.
Sean Owen 20/7/05
What a brilliant concert. You guys just get better and better. 'Iwai uchi' and the encore were both superb. The coordination between you all was great. Well done.
Andrew Moncrieff 20/7/05
Your performance last night was superb, different and very enjoyable. The looks on your faces at the end gave the impression that you all very much enjoyed yourselves as well.
John McKiernan 18/7/05
Brilliant! Exciting, dramatic and inspiring. The range of songs from uplifting to dark and sombre was unexpected and moving - carrying the audience on an emotional journey. We felt exhausted at the end too.
Cleo Dobbs 18/7/05
UK Taiko festival, Exeter, 9th July 2005
I enjoyed the gigs in Exeter very much - great show. Will come whenever I can!
Robin Pickering 1/8/05
Oxford Brookes University, 6th May 2005
Oh man! You guys came to Brookes uni last week, and you did a Taiko workshop. It was so much fun! My arms are still slightly aching, but it's worth it...all the drums playing in unison, and once we got into the Come back soon!!
James Long 9/5/05
Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch with Henri Oguike Dance Co., 8th April 2005
Saw your show in Hornchurch, essex. Was most impressed. Please send details of the South Bank show 17th July. Thanks
Derek Edwards 11/04/05
Malvern Theatres, Malvern with Henri Oguike Dance Co., 15th March 2005
Absolutely brilliant last night at the Henri Oguiki concert in Malvern. I'd heard of the Taiko drumming, but never actually heard it. Fabulous.
Richard Bailey 16/03/05
Queen Elizabeth Hall with Henri Oguike Dance Co., 9th and 10th Feb 2005
The rib-crushing thump of the massive Japanese taiko drum that heralds the start of his [Oguike's] new work, Second Signal, prompted gasps and even an off-guard shriek in the packed Queen Elizabeth Hall. Oguike has cleverly harnessed Taiko's intensely physical, martial-arts impact to a group dance that mimics its exultant vigour, blow for blow. ...the three percussionists of the group Taiko Meantime belabour their instruments - something akin to the action of felling a tree... The result is the most explosive piece of British dance in years.
The Independent 13/02/05 Full review
...the size of the drums combined with the musicians' furious attack produces an almost overwhelming sound...We can see how the drummers' rhythms hammer through the dancers' moves, how their sound rises on the swell of the choreography's dynamics.
The Guardian 12/02/05 Full review
Do you have a Cd I could purchase, I am a Dance Teacher I saw your performance with Henri Oguike Dance company and was blown away by the experience it would be great to pass on your music to my students.
Fiona Lovibond 10/02/05
South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell with Henri Oguike Dance Co., 3rd Feb 2005
Just wanted to say what an excellent piece it was - I loved the way the miyake was used to showcase the dynamism and grace of the taiko players art. And it's a great compliment to you all that such an inspired choreographer recognised the contribution you made to the overall shape and impact of the dance. Well done
Val Tate 04/02/05
Wyvern Theatre, Swindon with Henri Oguike Dance Co., 26th Jan 2005
"Fascinating to watch their strict, stick-wielding brand of choreography."
The Times 28/1/05 Full review
"The playful new opener, Second Signal, features three taiko drummers, the battering of their instruments given a spectacular showcase in the middle movement when the dancers leave them alone to allow us to appreciate their physical movement - oddly like tennis, with pulverising forehand and backhand strokes. Oguike picks up their punchy style in the springy dances he gives his troupe fore and aft, but he's confidently offering the musicians as the stars."
The Daily Telegraph 01/02/05 Full review
Damilola Taylor Centre, Peckham, 16th Dec 2004 I was at the Damilola Taylor Centre when you played, oh, so fantastically that you had me completely under your spell, seeing dancing cranes, green valleys and towering mountains: all the elements of the world were there. Wonderful! Who would not want to play your drums?
Mary Edwards 11/01/05
Wales v Japan Rugby match, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, 26th Nov 2004
i really enjoyed seeing you all in cardiff last year just before the (98 to nil) rugby match in the centre of town. I was walking around the streets and followed the sound of the drums because they sounded so exciting and powerful. It was great to have the pieces explained before you played each one - it would be nice if you explained how each of the cries or shouts variuous drummers used now and then worked ie what they meant if anything. It's great to see what people can achieve with skill, concentration and coordination, keep it up. anyway well done, excellent drumming, i`ll look at the website and try to come to another session sometime
Matt 06/01/05
Heard you at the opening of the Japan v Wales Rugby game great work very up lifting great sound . well done . Where do I get more information re: recording or listening to your orginal and great music . even down loads would be welcome ? Hope to hear you again in Wales soon Feb 05 . 2005
Brian Insole 15/12/04
Outstanding! Taiko Meantime played in Cardiff for the Wales Japan rugby match and their performance was excellent! Not only was the gesture a welcoming nod to our visitors, but also a superb quality public performance from an incredibly talented team. The best money that Cardiff Council spent this financial year.
Kris H 26/11/04
V&A Museum, London, 5th Nov 2004
I wanted to thank you again for your maevellous performance on Friday. You made such a spectacle on the steps of the V&A and all that noise drew crowds from Victoria! I have heard an endless torrent of praise - the audience were all bowled over.
Antonia Howard Sneyd 8/11/04 Was forced to stop in front of your performance at the V&A - simply could not walk by! I was late and on my way to another performance at the Albert Hall, but this was so vivid, so all over powerful - I was entranced. I have never heard anything like this. I really loved the whole feeling - it is more than music, a combination of music, dance, drama - I was simply mesmerized. Thank you !
Lucie Payne 10/11/04
Car Free Day, Greenwich, 19th Sept 2004
The performance in Cutty Sark was wonderful. I was so impressed.
Yoko Ozaki 27/09/04
I saw you play today in Greenwich - finally! It was a great show - it literally brought tears to my eyes.
Laura Seidman 19/09/04
We came to see you play today at the Greenwich car free day. Thanks for a great performance, we really enjoyed it.
Kirtsy McNeice and Martin Pugh 19/09/04
I would have congratulated you after the performance today but you were looking pretty much swamped with people! Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was nice to see a piece in there that I knew as well.
Francesca Debenham 19/09/04
I enjoyed the taiko yesterday. Very athletic and very authentic. You had a good-sized crowd watching, too.
Chris Atkinson 20/09/04
My five year old son, Daniel, and I saw a performance of the Meantime Taiko drummers at the Greenwich festival this afternoon. He was entranced, totally absorbed by the group's strength and rhythm. He talked about it all the way home and is still talking about it now. He has decided to be a Japanese drummer like Mark Alcock when he grows up.
Catherine du Toit 20/09/04
Rhythmsticks Festival, Southbank Centre, London, 17th July 2004
Dear Taikomeantime By chance, I was at the South Bank with my 2 young sons when "taiko meantime" had just started hteir free concert. I have absolutly no "musical" ear, but my body was just full of the vibrations given by the drums, and I could feel myself moving to the powerful rythmes. I would love to participate in workshops for "very beginners, with the kids ", if you'd organise any. Thanks, and thanks to the team for the wonderful gift of their music to the public on Saturday.
Anne-Do Bauchot 18/07/04
Great to see you guys at the Southbank on Saturday and it was a lot of fun at the workshop- cheers.
Nicola Tsoukatos 18/07/04
I thoroughly enjoyed the southbank workshop. I thought your group's performance in the square was amazing too.
Justine Smith 05/08/04
Ightham Mote (National Trust), Kent, 3rd July 2004
You were the best act of the evening.
Bob Searle 04/07/04
British Library, London - 'Silk Road Live', 4th May 2004
Just a quick line to say thank you so much for your help and enormous contribution to the Silk Road event. The Taiko drunmming show proved itself suitably robust considering the weather and was truly spectacular. It was brilliant to have such a flexible group willing & able to work round the weather!
Jonny Ward, 06/05/04
London Marathon, 18th April 2004
Thank you soo much for your awesome contribution to this years London Marathon. What a fantastic sound you make - really clear and sonorous. I was fortunate enough to be one of the 33,000 runners to run past your group on Woolwich Rd - the sound could be heard a good 1/4 mile away and really spurred me on. The crowd you attracted were all obviously loving the music too and the atmosphere on that corner was absolutely electric!! Can they please organise for you to play along Pall Mall a bit later too??!!?
Elizabeth Ynez-Tulsen 29/04/04
Regent's Plaza, 1st April 2004 (with Hana Yui and Yoshikazu Fujimoto)
It's absolutely wonderful to see all the hard work you guys have clearly put in paying off: it really was amazing and all the friends I dragged along were instantly hooked!
Anna McCarthy 26/06/04
I went to both your recent performances - the Lilian Bayliss theatre and Regent's Plaza. The performance at the Lilian Bayliss theatre was fantastic - so much better than I could have ever imagined and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am impressed by Taiko Meantime's high level of professionalism. In fact you were so good that I just had to go and see the performance at Regent's Plaza! You did not disappoint there and I went away with lifted spirits. Thank you for the opportunity to see Hana Yui again and the Kodo drummer's performance on the O-daiko - a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am now a huge fan and will endeavour to attend as many of your performances as I possibly can!
Sarah Wedgebury 07/04/04
Just wanted to say that it was really really nice and powerfull - the concert last Thursday. The performance and coordination were great. I'm really glad to have the chance to come and see you all! Well done!
Rossana Porta 05/04/04
The open air performance today was magic - especially the O-daiko.
William McDowall 01/04/04
Lilian Baylis Theatre, 23rd and 24th March 2004 (with Hana Yui)
I saw Taiko Meantime for the first time at the Lilian Baylis Theatre when they performed with top Japanese group Hana Yui...It was the first time I had seen Taiko live and I was knocked out by the professional approach and high standard of performance. The pieces they played were incredibly exciting and although I wondered whether I might find a whole evening of this kind of music a bit repetitive, I was in for a pleasant surprise. By the end of the concert, I was disappointed the evening was at an end. I really look forward to hearing Taiko Meantime again and want to introduce my friends to this wonderfully energising form of entertainment.
Robin Pickering 05/04/04
It was a great gig. I really enjoyed it. It was worth coming to see it from Tokyo. I really wanted to see a foreign taiko group's performance, since I also practice taiko in Japan. In Japan, I practice original Miyake. I am so impressed with your arrangement of the Miyake. It was quite unique and it was great. I am surprised with the originality. I also like Camel, Iwai Uchi, Atsumari and also the encore. It was so much fun for me to see people playing taiko with joy. So I really enjoyed your gig since I know all of you enjoyed playing the music. The Shinobue (bamboo flute) was great as well. And Mark's and Chris' chappas were really attractive. And Hanayui ladies, they were great! I felt full of love and energy from them.
Masami Suzuki 30/03/04
What a fantastic performance. We really enjoyed it. How wonderful for you to have played with Hana Yui.
Deb Poulter 27/03/04
Wonderful evening - an entirely new experience, and unlike anything we've ever experienced. Certainly come again. Thank you!
Gloria Gifford 24/03/04
I went to see your performance last night at Sadler's Wells and loved it. To be perfectly honest, I didn't know anything about Taiko Meantime before I went, and was quite disappointed when you came on the stage and were all English! However, right from the first song I was bowled over, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Heidi Graham 25/03/04
I saw you at the Lilian Baylis last night. Wow, you were good! Thanks for a great evening...nice to see that you were all enjoying it as well.
Richard Suggitt 24/03/04
I thought the performance was excellent - varied and fun! Especially enjoyed Iwai Uchi...Brilliant! Why not go on tour in the North of England!
Sheila Hunter 24/03/04
Just a quick one to say really enjoyed the show last night (at Lilian Batlis Theatre, London)! Well done and thanx
Vivienne Macdonanld 25/03/04
Brixton Telegraph, 12th Dec 2003
Message to the Taiko drummers who played at the PEACE REVOLUTION at the Telegraph pub on Friday night!: You guys were absolutely fantastic. I was playing with the Samba band and became so carried away with your hypnotic rhythms that I'm ashamed to say I proceded to "join in" your performance. This was quite out of character and I just wanted to apologise to you all profusely and sincerely. I in no way intended to appear disrespectful but am aware that I may have done!..... Hope you can forgive me!
Tracey (Rhythms of Resistance) 16/12/03
Oxford University, 4th Oct 2003
It was terrific; you now have a huge fan-club. Everyone enjoyed it enormously and one of my japanese colleagues said it was every bit as good as anything he had heard in japan. In case that was faint praise, I asked him how often he did hear Taiko, and he said 'about three times a year', so he does know what he is talking about. Many thanks, and please thank all your group for me; one of the main things i liked was you all appeared to be enjoying yourselves.
Dr. Oliver Impey 03/10/03
Greenwich Car Free day, 21st Sept 2003
Thank you so much for such excellent performances. It was really beautifully presented and as you already know went down a storm with the crowds.