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"Taiko Meantime created a sense of calm and discipline in which the students thrived."
- Michele McCormack, St Philomena's School, Carshalton

Dear all

Our Taiko Drumming for Schools Programme has gone from strength to strength in the past year. We've travelled all over the UK bringing the chance for thousands of children to experience the challenge, power and fun of Taiko drumming.

Many schools we visit have invited us back many times, whether for a single day, a week or a whole term. And as such we're already confirming bookings up to July 2011.

"As a group with whom Longsands College has been in partnership for the past few years, students here gain huge benefits working with Taiko Meantime. They thoroughly enjoy learning about the drums and experience cultural and team building benefits through working with you."
Lisa Plowman, Head of Specialist and International Education, Longsands College, St. Neots

Long-term Taiko projects

As the wide-ranging benefits of Taiko are being realised by schools, one of the developments we've seen is the interest in our long-term projects. Visible development in musical skill, fitness, performance ability, discipline and self-confidence can be seen over a period of weeks and months. The programmes culminate in the students performing a stunning display of Taiko drums for the school or at a public event.

At Blackheath Prep. School in South London, Taiko was built into the Music and Drama curriculum for year 5 and 6 pupils during Spring term 2010.

"Taiko enables every child to achieve an unimagined quality of performance. Taiko appears effortless but involves formidable skills of focus and perseverance which then ignite every other area of the curriculum. After ten sessions, the audience were left open-mouthed at the final performance by the children."
Penny Thompson, Head Teacher, Blackheath Preparatory School, London

We're booked with Blackheath Prep. again for 2011, and are actively working with other schools to develop long-term projects.

School budgets

Finally, we realise that school budgets are currently uncertain, but we should highlight Taiko's cross-curricular nature. Taiko is beneficial to students' development in Music, Drama, Sports and Languages, thus justifying spreading the cost across departments.

And we're also freezing our prices for 2011!

For further information please visit our website or talk to me, Mark Alcock, on 07092 200417.

Kind Regards

Mark Alcock, Taiko Meantime