Audience praise for Dojoji

November 2016 tour

The depiction of a Japanese tale performed largely by a group of drummers may not seem the obvious Sunday night entertainment for Malvern but it was something which certainly hit the mark at the Forum.
The Legend Of Dojoji, performed by Taiko Meantime, was explained in full by the Rev Shunjo Ono (pictured during the talk, he is the quietly-spoken unassuming Head Priest of the 1,300 year old Dojoji Temple who, on his first visit to the UK, was clearly enjoying the Worcestershire countryside and had also a good grasp of the British sense of humour!) in a pre-show talk using two scrolls with words and images before the real event of the evening got under way. Made up of a mix of Japanese and British performers on various instruments (mainly drums but also flute and the three-stringed tsugaru shamisen), the tale is of an innocent, naive inn-keeper's daughter Kiyohime (Chieko Kojima) falling for a young monk, Anchin (Mark Alcock) on his pilgrimage to the temple.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, however, and when her dreams of love are shattered, anger transforms her into a raging serpent with dire consequences for them both...
The drumming sequences which portrayed the story were incredible to watch - long, complex pieces which retained the attention throughout as the interplay between the different players, often with the drums horizontally to use both ends and swapping places to use a different drum, really made you wonder how they managed to successfully manage to choreograph and then enact such complicated rhythmic set pieces. And yet they did, magnificently. There was, in all of this, a few moments of levity, when four members of the troupe took to hand cymbals with an imaginary device being thrown from one to another and caught - this was done in a cheeky style which was very funny to watch and was executed, as was the rest of the show, perfectly.
During the first half, the large drums were the size of beer barrels but brought on stage during the interval were the big guns - or more precisely the biggest of all Taiko drums, the Odaiko - seemingly almost the height of an adult and which certainly had a huge impact to bring the story to its tragic ending (although in this version, the pair were then reunited in the afterlife).
The encore in particular was an absolute joy to watch as all of the players came together performing both collectively and individually on stage, thoroughly enjoying themselves and deserving of the standing ovation they received.
Certainly a very different night's entertainment for a Sunday and one which will remain in the audience's minds for a long time to come.
Choice Radio Worcester, Malvern Theatres, 6th Nov 2016
I had the great pleasure of seeing this amazing show last night in Fareham. It was absolutely brilliant. Incredible playing by Taiko meantime of all the great Japanese taiko drums. These guys are world class and the sound, timing, presentation and spirit they play with is second to none. But this show is really something special. It incorporates the performances within a piece of fantastic theatre telling an ancient legend. It features dancing by an amazing Japanese dancer who worked for years with the world famous Kodo drummers and also the story of the legend is told by the head monk from the actual temple where it happened centuries ago using the scrolls from the temple. A unique experience combining incredible music and dance with theatre and ancient legend with true authenticity. World class. If you get a chance to see it, then go!
Buster Birch
Hi everyone I just wanted to share my experience of this amazing show. I went along with others to Malvern to see this on Sunday night and I urge anyone who can make the shows to go! It was one of the best nights I've had! How Mark and the team manage to put this together and remember it all is beyond me! It is truly an amazing mesmorising night! I was transfixed from the start with the pre-show talk, being taken into a world of Japanese culture was a privilege in itself and then followed by the story being played out on stage through dance and the awesome drummers was just incredible. We traveled 2 hours to watch the show and it was most definitely worth it. So go book your tickets you will not be disappointed. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me one of the best nights ever! U are absolutely amazing! Loved every minute of it!! Can't get over how much you all remember and are so in time! It looks amazing! Huge good lucks for the rest of the tour! You will smash it wherever you go!
Beth Lear
Mark, I'm sorry you probably don't need people emailing you out of the blue, but my better half and I were blown away by the performance we witnessed last night at the Queens theater Hornchurch. When looking through the program again today I found the questionnaire and needed to contact you. My immediate thoughts. Words fail me, Stunning, emotional not only the performance by yourselves, but Chieko Kojima is totally captivating, and Shunjo Ono seem to have an amazing manner, His talk, pre show was superb. I heard that you were playing the Queens as we are on there emailing list, my daughter is an asm with the theater. (please put me on your mailing list) I find it very difficult to pick any piece, but what stood out for me was the last, Hanahchijo. As good as you were Chieko's use of drumsticks was sublime. I'll keep this short, (I can go on a bit!) but in a way I feel for me this has been a life changing moment, and I thank you all very much. I will be coming to see you again as soon as possible. (we have Glastonbury tickets, will you be there?) very best regards,
Gary Davis
Hi Mark, My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the performance at the Baths Hall last night and were fortunate to have a brief word with you in the foyer afterwards. Anne was the lady with the "thank you" greeting in Japanese. As we said our son Neil works in Akihabara as a games programmer, but our knowledge of Japanese is very limited. (the little grey cells don't hang on to stuff these days!!) However, this note is it say how much we enjoyed the whole show last night and we were impressed by the drumming and the fitness of you all to keep going so long. The Odaiko drum must be particularly hard on the arms. To play this drum at the end of the performance shows your fitness and expertise. Well done to you all. Apart from the drumming we also enjoyed the lads doing the hand cymbals. A welcome interlude. As I said we had seen Taiko drummers performing in Japan at Kameari Station and a few Taiko drummer troupes in Scunthorpe in the past few years, but incorporating a story in with the performance, i.e. The legend of DOJOJI makes the evening much more interesting. Thank you once again for a wonderful evening. Kind regards,
David and Anne Atkinson.
If you haven't already seen this amazing show, cancel all other engagements, pawn the family silver, hitch, hike, bike to the final performance of the Legend of Dojoji in Hornchurch Sunday 13 November. It's much more than spectacular drumming. Taiko Meantime have developed something very special. Go along, see and enjoy the whole experience. There's nothing else like it. It was awesome! Loved it last year - even better this year. Rev Shunjo Ono's gentle humour added a new dimension. Taiko Meantime's joy shone out of every pore - well done all!
Val Tate
Saw this show in Wavendon last night, it was amazing, well done Taiko Meantime and your great guests. Get there in Hornchurch and enjoy.
Anne Dobbs
Dojoji was terrific! The pre-show talk was brilliant and really set the scene for the performance. I loved the scroll story-telling. The dancing was beautiful and the drumming an exciting combination of intensity, playfulness, and teamwork. I could have sat there for another hour listening to the tsugaru shamisen and shakuhachi. Hibiki and Clive are amazing. And I think I'm in love with Chieko-san now - her dancing and drumming skills are phenomenal. Thank you for a great show, and well done!
Christine D. Boyle
Take a bow, Taiko Meantime! What a fantastic show, even better than the last time. New additions and transitions really elevated an already high standard, and everyone involved deserves enormous credit. It's a stunning Taiko odyssey like nothing we've seen in the UK, and you'd be foolish to miss it. And what can you say about the wonderful Chieko Kojima? Just an absolute joy to watch. It was such a pleasure to meet you again. :) Keep up the great work, folks. :)
Martin Doyle
We were at The Stables on Friday 4th November for James Acaster (Comedian) and saw a poster up for your performance. We've visited Japan a couple of times over the last four years and are off there again in May for another holiday. On top of that I'm learning Japanese at evening classes so we just decided it had the potential for being a fun night out. After ten minutes I was worried how this was going to entertain us for the whole evening but we got totally absorbed and loved the whole performance. Obviously the Japanese cymbals were humorous and the whole combination together made it an excellent evening. Hard to say what was the best, the synchronicity of the drumming throughout was superb and there was nothing that didn't provide enjoyment. It's got us thinking about visiting the Wakayama Prefecture on our visit in May next year as we head down to Shikoku.
Dave & Jude
It was absolutely brilliant. Two of us each with the same feeling. Very much enjoyed the pre-concert talk and introduction to Chieko and Shunjo. Thought the show was very well choreographed and performed. A sensitively, gently humorous, professional programme. Also thought the contrast of strong drum sound and movement with ethereal quality of Chieko was very effective.
Maureen Beirne
Hi Mark, Thank you for the amazing show at the Merlin last night. I was stunned by the power and energy of the performance and came away on a high. I heard about the performance from the Merlin. My favourites were the end of the first act, The Chase, then the Chappa, a fantastic bit of fun, and finally the Hanahachijo Good luck with the rest of the tour, the other venues are in for a real treat best wishes
Margaret-Mary Archer
It was great to see you at the Stables, and Iíve been meaning to congratulate you on the second iteration of Dojoji. The smooth and well practised Rev. Shunjo Ono was great and Iíve given a copy of the temple brochure to a Buddhist nun colleague of mine. The attached photo of your Greenwich programme framed and hanging in my kitchen might amuse you.
Tony Alexander
Having fallen in love with Taiko drumming a few years ago, I just HAD to go to your show ... and loved every minute of it. It was wonderful! Thank you for such a great presentation and for bringing part of the Japanese culture to our small country town. Please do come again.
Valerie Perkins
Stunning! I am entriely ignorant of the structure of Japanese music and dance, but I enjoyed the performances immensly.
Edwin Snipp
Exhilarating!! The off beat drumming is superb. The theatre talk by Shunjo Ono san was lovely. Loved Chappa for the enjoyment shown, Miyake for the different left and righ hand drumming, Hanahachijo for Chieko's style. Wonderful expressive movements. Linda Sinclair
Absolutle amazing, emotional, energetic, fabulous - one of the best things I have ever seen.
Barbara Clarke
Amazing, wonderful. Loved all of it.
Hugh Clarke
Brilliant, never seen anything like it before. Fantastic - thank you to all the cast - would definately reccomoend.
Martin Whitmarsh
So much energy - fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable and memorable.
Eileen Williams
The monk was nice.
Seymour Morris
I liked the whole show which was awesome. please come back to perform in Hornchurch soon.
Patricia Morris
Absolutely awesome. the talk beforehand was fantastic
Sarah Halsey
Having just come back from Japan, the show was just amazing.
J.M. Spence
Wow! Moving and so energetic. A Story so beautifully told through dance and music - so happy we came. It was all so good - would love to see the show again.
Colin Gray
Wow. Music was excellent. Incredible piece of theatre. Hope to see it again.
Perfect! Intense, emotional, exhilarating. I could not have expected more! I wish there was more taiko in the world!
Sophie Mepham
It was great to see the dancer play so well, we loved the inversion of gender stereotypes.
Emma Barber
Amazing!!! Thank you.
Ella Denis
The drummers in sychronisation sounded like a single great drummer.
Martin Lowe
WOW!!! Loved everything especially the giant drums! We are inspried to look into Taiko training locally.
Bill and Keng Glover
Loved it - all of it. Very informative and amusing opening talk by Rev. Shunjo ono.
C. Pearson
Amazing! Beautifull stylish - an art form. Chieko - could have watched her all night - so expressive. Loved the introductory talk. the priest was delightful and told the story with such humor and pride.
Loraine Belam
Mesmoerising. Amazing presision. Elegant and witty.
Tim and Linda
Skill and concentration in brilliant. Performance was excellent. Would come again.
Gemma Morton-Smith
Amazing, beautiful! Really enjoyabnle - would reccomend it!
Every peice was outstanding. Kevin Squibb was amazing!
Sinita Pandya
I loved it - very moving and very well done. The femanine energy combined with the masculine is nice, and great to have a story too. Loved all the pieces - I love the shakuhachi. A fabulous show - would reccomend it to others. Love the mix of drums, dance and flute.
Claire Coghean
Amasing. very different to anything else we have seen. Wonderful energy. Loved 'Kaze no Tabi' and Chappa.
Alison Veale
A very interesting pre-concert talk. A brilliant show from start to finish. Enjoyed every minute. When will you return to Milton Keynes?
Marilyn Hubberd
Fantastic! Loved it when Anchin dies inside the bell, slowley finishing with heartbeat on the drum getting slower. Dancer's face painted with snake colours.
Russell Furniss
Superb as always. Thank you for a great evening.
Grant Miller
WOW - AMAZING. Loved the negining, the end and every bit in betweeen! Arigato!!
Gina Isaac
Absolutley brilliant. I could watch it all over again. Cheiko's oerformance was captivating.
N. Felix
Fantastic. Moveing. Prmal. Joyous. Great story-telling. Chieko is so expressive. Thank you. So glad you gave a talk at the begining. Showed respect spirituality and fun, as well as explaining the story.
Gill Hughes
Fantastic, awesome. Should tour more to raise awareness.
Powerful, beautiful.
Stephanie Mee
When Chieko came on from the back i thought it was magical! My ears are still ringing but it was wonderful.
Anthony Murfin
WOW! Come back!
David Baume
Brilliant - such energy!
Brilliant! Inspiring! Loved the costumes, dance and drums. Brilliant evening. Very good venue and food.
Mrs Lynne Birch
Amazing! Awe struck! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.
Alison Casey
Amazing energy and skill. The pre concert talk was excellent and enhanced the experience.
M Avcale
It was a wonderful. vibrant experience and performance. I loved the fact that the abbot of Dojoji temple introduced it. Stimulating to see another culture reinterpreted by UK citizens and to see the mix of the two cultures.
Excellent. Loved Chappa, Miyake.
Mike Higgins
Really enoyed it!! Perfect concise movements.
Valerie Money
Absolutely breathtakingly brilliant! Book them again. I enjoyed the pre-performance talk as it explained the story so you knwe what was going on.
Dean White
Really enjoyed it! Upliftling, exciting, good fun. Makes me want to get involved. Well done!
Amanda Yates
Dr. Tony Brain
Wonderful! Most enchanting. Please come back.
N.A. Pepper
Enchanting, hypnotic, excellent. Loved Miyake, The Bell, Yama no Ko. All pieces were excellent. Chieko's entrance was magical. Thank you for a great evening.
Deb and Claire Ennis
Energetic, gentle and colourful. Full of movement. We love Japan and visit regularly. I llove Chieko's costumes.
Deborah Taylor
Breathtaking! Amazing! Visceral! Simply stunning - thank you.
Sue Davies
Blown away, so energetic. Come to MK for a workshop!
J Knowler
Superb, so exhilerating, wonderful experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance. Thank you.
Annabelle Tomkins
Very good. We've seen Kodo many times. Dojoji was excellent.
Hilary Jarris
Spectacular, Stunning. The performance [at the Stables, Milton Keynes] was a fabulous experience. My wife and I are aqainted with this style of performance having seen the Kodo drummers a few years back.
Eddie Andrews
First saw Japanese drummers at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham 5/6 years ago - this was equally well performed. All the peices were excellent - the cymbal peice was very inovative.
Alan Myatt
Blown away - it was absolutley incredible and full of energy. Taiko Meantime should audition for Britain's Got Talent!
Joe Thorpe
Mesmerising, skillful, very enjoyable
Andy Richardson
Pleasently surprised. Tottaly absorbed in performance. Dramatic, provoking, happy and sad emptions.
L.M. Gee
Bloody Brilliant. We loved all the precision of movement. Nothing wasted. The energy!
Sally Sines
Fantastic - thank you. Superb. Loved all of it.
Barry Lewis
Amazing all round - sound/music and visually
Fantastic - the whole performance was excellent
Mr and Mrs Hemmings
Powerful and fascinating. Amzing performance - how tdo they keep going? Such incredible energy.
Angie and Jane
Very good and so different
Amazing performance from all, thoroughly enjoyed it all and admire the talent from you all - what a work out! Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Ms B. Lee
Outstanding! Superb music and dancing. Fatastic value ticket! Thank you to Shunjo Ono for his wonderful pre-show tstory. It made the evening much more meaningful. Beautiful programme - a really high quality performance and productiom.
Barbara and John Gayford
Loved all of it - when are you coming again? Thank you all so very much.
Kathry and Richard Wood
Invigorating, very entertaining, witty, dramatic, spectacular, amazing teamwork, spiritual and accessible, transcendant, haunting and very reasonable! Loved all the peices especially Chappa and the Chase. Beautiful mixture of music, percussion and dance. Such impressive staging lighting too!
Noel Hopkins
Great mix of energy, comedy and storytelling.
Kim Emerson
Energising, invogorating and stimulating
Jule Compton
100/100 Fanastic. Brill.
Good, unusual different culture. Loved the Bell and Chappa.
B. Jeyres
Really good, mesmerising rhythm, impeccible timing.
Alex Brunnigan
Extremely talented, outstanding performers. Absolutely sensational. All magnificent pieces.
Kim Marshall
It was beautiful and brimming with culture. Absolutely wonderful! Hanahachi and Yama no Ko were my favourites.
Jade Jeffries
Miyake, The Chase and the Bell were my favourite pieces. the pre-show talk was really interesting. Fantastic!! Thank you.
Sandi Jeffries
Very enjoyable. The talk at the beggining was great for understanding the performance.
Brilliant and tremendous stamina. Glad of the talk to explain everything.
A Shaw
Contemplative. I left all worries/mental clutter behind. Thank you for the free souvenir programme - very useful.
Amazing, fantastic, superb! Loved Hanahachijo and The Chase.
George Marsh
Spellbindingly brilliant! Loved every minute of it! Cant wait to see you again.
Diane Ridley
Mesmerising, powerful, moving.
Tracey Birthwright
Absolutely amazing. So much energy in the drummers, counterpinted by the serenity of Chieko the dancer in the opening section. Excellent introductory talk before the show - definately added to our understanding and enjoyment.
Frances Legget
Colourful and energetic.
B. Busby
Electric! Chappa was my favourite piece. Just amazing for all senses!
David Overton
The music was truely inspirational! Brilliant! Excellent. Passionate and powerful. Than dancing conveyed great feeling - modds of sadness, despair and anguish. The Chase was amazing, and the transformation into a snake was exceptionally fine. the drumming throughout was fantastic, and the whole performance was very uplifting and pwerful. First class performances from everyone.
The wonderful rhythm of the drums and the stroy telling and the dance was great to experience. We very much enjoyed learning of another culture.
Mr and Mrs Bloomer
Passionate, very interesting and captivating! Thank you. Amazing and inspiring performance.
Dorey Fancy
Fantastic! A really entertaining show.
Sue Barter
Most enjoyable! Yama no Ko and hanahachijo were my favourites.
W.J. Morris
Lovely, Magical and Unusual. O loved the comedy cymbals, the ensemble pieces and the dancer. Please come again.
Very enjoyable. Loved the big drum and the talk before the show.
Brillant - loved all of it. Thank you.
M Richardson
So very dramatic and such skillful percussion + movements, timing and dancing all superb. I liked The Chase, Chappa and Miyake. Loved all of it, very exciting. Loved the dancing cybals being played and catching the sounds!
L Yeomans
Totally Awesome. Incredibly exhilarating but also very spiritual. Loved it! Beautiful dancing too.
Pauline Lynpay
Absolutley Fabulous. Loved Chappa!
Charles Fox
Very different and captivating - glad I came. loved the hand cymbals!
Mrs H Goulding
Mesmerising. Fantastic. Thank you for bringing your show to Fareham.
E Lashly
Awesome drummers!
Brilliant! Timing and rhythm fantastic. I could easily follow the story from the dancer.
Lincoln Jefferies
Blew me away! Kanckered just watching them! Liked all the pieces. great to see such virtuosity - feel priviledged. Thanks for coming to Frome fellas!
Paul White
Vee Babb
Martin Long
Very very good - unusual.
Julieta Couch
It was stunning. Loved the jokers on cymbals, Chiekos' final dance, her drumming with Mark at the end, but it was ALL GREAT! Thanks!
Energetic, exciting, engaging.
An absolute spectacle.
Phyllis and Mike Prior
Amazing - loved everything. Having the tale before the performance made such a difference - very emotioal. Please visit again.
Pat Harrison
Awesome! Extremely well performed! Brilliant! Keep it up! Come again!
Phil Harrison
New and exciting story telling that captues the imagination. My mum selept through some of the drum rhythms (she is 84 years old!) - she did enjoy the show though.
A Martin
Blown away by the energy.
Beverlry Windley
Something so different, unique and enlightening. All peices were entertaining. The tiny cambal piece was clever.
Liz Moss
I dont recall there being this kind of story last time I came to see you, so its a different experience - very enjoyable! Loved it - will come again.
E Taylor
We absolutely loved the performance, it was an honour to have such esteemed guests for our pleasure and entertainment. We could have watched it over and over again and can't wait to see you in action again soon!
Sue Jones
Amazing show, unbelievable energy & concentration, dramatic & exhilarating drumming & dancing see it in Hornchurch on Sunday if you can. I'm totally sold! It's a great night out, really inspiring, go if you can!
Claire Corner-Overton
Get out and buy your ticket. Fantastic show. A feast for all (well, almost all) the senses.
Robin Pickering
What a truly incredible show that was! The best yet! The crowd were absolutely gobsmacked. Totally in awe of you all. Thanks for one of the most memorable and fantastic evenings ever. You all get better and better every time :-)
Max Edwards
You guys must be so proud of Mark......what an amazing show. 2 standing ovations in one performance!!! Congratulations!
Liz Walters
Great show of Taiko Meantime and Chieko Kojima "The Legend of Dojoji"!
Yasuna Higuma
It was a great performance tonight. Well done on your UK tour and thank you for sharing such powerful yet beautiful and delicate music.
Paul Gregory
Was a terrific night, thanks.
Terry Custance
Absolutely fabulous, amazing show! Well worth the drive to get there to see live drumming at its best.
Elaine Taylor
Attended your show in Frome last night. An amazing show and pre talk. Loved every minute. Hope you come back again.
Lisa Tanner
It was an absolute pleasure [to have the Dojoji cast visit my school and deliver workshops]. Thank you all so much! The kids were buzzing about it on Friday!
Daniel Fields
Amazing show in Malvern tonight, mesmerising skill, hugely enjoyable. Thanks
Andy Richardson
The Dojoji show was fabulous Mark, stunning dancing and a wonderfully vivid musical story - congratulations all! And that flute too - a true maestro! Taiko rules! :) It was fabulous. What a show!
Zuleika Kingdon
I totally agree, I saw the show in Frome, even better than the time I saw it last year. I'm positive she will, when Chieko does another workshop, take time out and do it. I was blown away when I did it (I think it was a couple of years ago).
David Rodwell
Totally blown away!! Fabulous evening, so impressed Mark - just can't say enough words that seem fitting really. I had no idea what to expect and am truly humbled by the talent on stage xx
Lynette Bromham
Great performance last night mate, we all enjoyed it immensely.
Andy Fisher
Thank you for the fantastic show at Fareham last night and also the pre show talk was informative and very funny, what a lovely man Shunjo Ono is.
Tracey Birthwright
Only 2 days left on this amazing tour. It's seriously electrifying. So far an amazing secret touring the country. You owe it to yourselves to try and get to one or the other shows. Just spectacular!!
David Overton
Excellent performance in Fareham last night. Next stop Milton Keynes, and then a finale in Hornchurch.
Sean Connor
Mark - what an amazing evening! Just stunning. Still buzzing. Perfection, drama, visually exquisite. Loved meeting the big man afterwards and understanding some of the history. Never seen a group of people so much "in the zone"!
David Overton
Fantastic show last night in Frome ! Some dates left to go. Highly recommended.
David Oliver
Fantastic night in Malvern please come back soon.
Lisa Campbell
Have just seen your show at Frome and you were amazing. Being told the legend before the performance made it all the more interesting and I was able to focus much better on the performers. Very engrossing and full of emotion. Please visit Frome again with another tale soon. p.s. Can you sell waistcoats like the performers were wearing so that we can take a little taste of Japan with us please.
Pat Harrison
We saw your incredible performance at the Merlin Theatre in Frome last night and were absolutely mesmerised. Everyone who took part was excellent and the drama and excitement that you generated was exhilarating. Thank you - a wonderful experience.
Phyllis Prior
Went and saw your show at the Merlin Theatre last night. Just a one word "review" - "Stunning". Thank you.
Absolutely amazing! Loved the show!! And just passed on Dojoji info to friends near Fareham - hope they get to see it too! Loved them all ... but maybe particularly The Chase ... and Chappa worked brilliantly! Would think Bristol audiences would flock to see this show if a venue could be found? And come along for workshops! I definitely would!! And Thank You for a GREAT evening's entertainment
Visually and accousitically stunning. Fantastic sense of rhythm from the whole group. Amazed the drummers moving around without loosing tempo.
Peter Portch
This was absolutely wonderful, cannot praise it enough. Brilliant, well done ..
Christine Payne
Congratulations Team Meantime on your last performance of tour. Dojoji is one of the best taiko shows I've seen
Momo Ko
Well done for producing a great show!
Mayumi Harata
Our immediate thoughts about tonight's show are WOW! Awe inspiring! We heard about the show via email/queens theatre Everything was fantastic !!! We would love to see this show again and again!! Please add us to your mailing list if you have one so that we know when you are touring again.
Steven and Natasha Adams
Very good and entertaining. Marvelous drumming.
M Eastment
Absolutely brilliant. Very entertaining, beautiful and fun
Janet Woolmer
Absolutely excellent All of it, especially cymbals and encore. Can we have them again soon please.
Jerry Woolner
Exhilarating. A wonderfully physical, wholly absorbing piece of theatre. Please come again.
Joan Smith
Beautifully staged and presented. I loved it all.
MR Russell
Mind blowing and body blowing from the sound. Speechless. All were fantastic, out of this world, Amazing. Nice to see that Chieko could drum too!!
No favorites, all excellent. Please come again!!
Michael Lydon
Excellent! Chappa for its lighthearted fun, the Bell for its power abd beauty of the dance. Have been to several Taiko performances at the Plowright in Scunthorpe. This was superb - enjoyed the fable, the dance, the music, the evening!
Domi Russell
Really enjoyed it - loved the drumming

April 2015 tour

Dojoji has raised the bar for UK Taiko. Incredible show. Thank You!
James Barrow
The most original taiko-dance performance I've ever had the privilege to enjoy. A world class performance - Chieko's unrivalled dancing, brilliant support from Hibiki and Clive, powerful, sensitive taiko playing, humour. Congratulations to everyone!
Val Tate
I want to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday's performance by Taiko Meantime at the Farnham Maltings. I knew nothing about your troupe but had been amazed by the drummers at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, (Chinese I know - all 2008 of them!), and enjoyed the inventiveness and enthusiasm of the percussion players in Stomp.

I had hoped that Taiko Meantime would be as enjoyable. It was. It was inspiring to see the pupils perform at the start of the evening. Your own troupe was mesmerising to watch - the sheer energy, vibrancy, enthusiasm and humour. Edward Pickering put everything into his drumming. Jack Painting's sheer joy at playing was infectious. The talent throughout your troupe is immense and joyous to watch. I had not expected to enjoy Chieko Kojima's classical dancing but was fascinated by her subtle hand movements and facial expressions. Her graceful movements and interpretation of the legend of Anchin and Kiyohime rooted your drumming in its Japanese traditions.

The show was exceptional. Well done. I wish you every success with future performances.
Steven Hughes
Awesome final show at Farnham, and another well-deserved standing ovation. Congratulations to Mark Alcock and everyone concerned!
Derek Dearden
Knocked my socks off - fantastic show, congratulations to Taiko Meantime, Chieko Kojima, Hibiki and Clive. A wonderful evening. Very much hope there will be a DVD?
Alison Smith
Dear all in Taiko Meantime. My sincere thanks to you all and Chieko Kojima for a simply phenomenal performance tonight in the Trinity Laban theatre. :D Plus, as a funder, my additional gratitude for the lovely goodies that privilege earned me. If you decide to follow the same route in the future I hope I get the chance to join in again? :). My thanks to YOU Taiko Meantime for a phenomenal evening....
Murray Lynes
Spellbinding! Excellent. We have seen Kodo perform in England and Japan but Taiko Meantime did not disappoint. BRILLIANT performance.
Ella Pirrie
Last minute tickets, front row at that, for tonight's show at RNCM. Too many superlatives but I'll start with superb, electrifying, fabulous, energising & spellbinding to start with. I've had the pleasure of getting in to 1 of your workshops at WOMAD but I had to queue to do it, but rightly so.
Janet Gorman
Thanks guys It was an amazing concert, and the bonus was seeing the youth groups [in Farnham], fantastic talent at a young age.
David Rodwell
I love the different sounds you can achieve with the drums and I appreciate the physical effort of the players. Fab!
Jean Jenkinson
Congratulations to Taiko Meantime, Chieko Kojima and everyone involved with Dojoji. A fantastic evening - the best I've been to. Stunning from every angle.
Robin Pickering
Fantastic Show - better than Stomp! Loved the humour with the Chappa, and the duet with the dance. Amazing energy by all the performers.
John Galligan
Taiko Meantime and Chieko Kojima were great tonight, Dojoji was a fantastic taiko odyssey that I'm glad I got the opportunity to experience. Top marks, guys!
Martin Doyle
Thank YOU guys for the amazing performance!!!! I always love your performances (can never get tired of them!) but this one was a big step up! Keep up with your inspiring work and have more shows soon!!
Llady GoGo
Thoroughly enjoyed the Greenwich gig! Loved the duet with Chieko - and never tire of Miya... A Taiko virgin in our party claimed the show was better than "Wicked" that she'd just seen in the West End. Also, I thought the varied and tight lighting, without spill, was a very high standard :-)) If they were making a DVD, then I'd like to buy a copy when it's out.
Tony Alexander
Very impressive. The pieces portrayed the story very well. The dancing was beautiful, really showed Kiyohime's character.
Carol Wai
Both serene and exhilarating, full of excitement.
Absolutely brilliant! Dramatic, moving, highly professional and totally original. All the pieces were equally good because very different in style and mood - but perhaps particularly liked the final piece, 'Hanahachijo' because Chieko was playing the drum - very romantic duet with Mark...!
Lynne Reoher
Standing ovation for your excellent performance in Farnham, tiring just watching #totalfitness. certainly very engaging to watch, we were all taken on quite a trip!
Brian Cottam
We really enjoyed the performance last night, it was amazing! Our two kids aged 6 and 8 really enjoyed it, they were enthralled. It was an amazing performance though and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, particular the kids at the beginning, they were great. Thank you.
Your latest Dojoji in Laban on 16 april 2015 is a triumph. Chieko Kojima & Taiko Meantime with Clive Bell and Hibiki Ichikawa are stupendous. Thank you so much for the greatest show on earth.
Chewyeen Lawes
Last night's the performance in Manchester was fantastic. I cannot believe you are only putting on 3 shows as I can see the effort you and your team have put into it. The fusion of Meantime, Chieko, Clive and Hibiki was inspiring. I hope you do the same show again. My favorite piece was Miyake, what a brilliant rendition, my wife's was Hanahachijo - to be honest they were all good.
Stephen Graves
What a fantastic concert this evening! Congratulations, we all really enjoyed it. The girls were brilliant too, I was so proud! You have done a brilliant job teaching them so patiently, I didn't realise they had got so good! And I wouldn't have believed Charlotte could do it a few short months ago... Thank you so much for a great evening.
Susan Richards
We attended the concert at Laban centre on April 16th. We introduced 3 other people and they were absolutely thrilled by what they saw. Well done and I hope the rest of the tour is successful.
Rob Parkhouse
I wanted to tell you personally how much I enjoyed watching Taiko Meantime last Thu. I've never watched anything like it really and I enjoyed the theatrical aspects to it, as well as the fact that you're clearly fantastic musicians having fun.
Crikey! Amazing.
Definitely the best yet, amazing timing and presentation, and that was only Taiko Meantime!! Chieko Kojima was wonderful, what a treat to have the chance to see her, it was fantastic. Thank you and well done everyone.
Anne Dobbs
Very enjoyable. Kids enjoyed it too. Nice story to add atmosphere.
Paul Regan
Brilliant. Please come again!
Ruth Glover
Fantastic. Amazing experience.
Exhilarating, very enjoyable.
A brilliant evening thank you Mark. I am so glad we came.
Anne and David Alcock
Another fantastic evening! Loved it all.
Tony and Jill Hazell
Wow! Didn't quite know what to expect, but it was brilliant!
Brilliant and great fun!
Ian Hurst
Outstanding! I would recommend to anyone. Entertaining and enriching in equal measure.
Amazing Talent. Would love to see it again.
Lindsey Clayton
Brilliant! Outstanding! Mesmerizing! Please come back again. I really loved it - felt like I was swept away.
Dominic Galligan
Ellen lee
Thanks for an amazing show and being an inspiration to our kids-Elliot was buzzing afterwards!
Jane Moore
I was there in Farnham.....WOW you were outstanding! thank you
Karen Smith
It was so great mark...fantastic! You should be so proud Mark!
Lucy A Harding
Great show guys, thank you!
Sue Fisher
I am happy to success about your special tour of Dojoji with Chieko. Let's see on Japan Wakayama Gobo.
Keiji Hara
Really great to see you all again. Hope the final show went well. Thank you for coming up north to play for us! It was a great show.
Mary Murata
Fantastic show, Mark! Loved it. And great to see you all again.
Shonagh Walker
It was totally fantastic. Thanks x
Lisa Wright
Yes, I was there too. Amazing. Deeply beautiful. Passion & sweat! I gave Chieko a little cuddle afterwards. She's so sweet.
Arin Alldridge
It was a great show - really enjoyed it !! Hope to see you again soon.
Tony Jacques
Came to your show at RNCM we were blown away! Thoroughly enjoyed it :)
Angela Gordon
Taiko drums are really loud. Great show by Taikomeantime tonight @RNCM.
Aled Smith
My son, Louie age 11, was completely enthralled by last night's fantastic performance at the Maltings. Many thanks