'Dojoji': An ancient Japanese legend of unrequited love, told through Japanese drums, dance and music.

Taiko Meantime with special guests Chieko Kojima and Rev. Shunjo Ono.

Taiko Meantime will bring "Dojoji" to the UK in November 2016 with series of concerts, pre-show-talks, school and public workshops.

"Dojoji" fuses powerful drumming, haunting melodies, exquisite movement and stunning costumes to tell a dramatic Japanese legend - a tale of unrequited love - the only production of this kind the UK has ever seen.

We're honoured to be performing with veteran Kodo dancer/drummer Chieko Kojima - loved the world over for her unique feminine style of Taiko drumming and exquisite movement.

Also joining us will be Rev. Shunjo Ono, the head monk at Dojoji Temple who will give pre-show talks and narrate the performances.

Dojoji tour dates

Upcoming: 2016

"Dojoji has raised the bar for UK Taiko. Incredible show. Thank You!"

"The most original taiko-dance performance I've ever had the privilege to enjoy".

"Mesmerising to watch...sheer energy, vibrancy, enthusiasm and humour".

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